Back away from her.

I always watch the weather report before going out in the morning.

Bruno hangs out at the local bar.

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Life is a constant search.

Stars twinkled in the sky.

Nathaniel says he hasn't seen that movie yet.

You need not come to the office on Saturdays.

Many people disagree with you.


She is going to meet the project leaders.

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That would be a relief.

He has a book.

You must be alert.

Stop. That tickles.

It is often said that nothing is more precious than time.

She was very excited.

We were teachers together in Boston.

With a little luck the weather will be good.

Does he speak? He sings, rather! Since I seasoned it, we can no longer stop it.

Are you in the house?

He bought the land for the purpose of building a house on it.

You always say that you'll take out the garbage, but you never do.

When did you get through with your engineering problem?

All the students of the university have access to the university library.

And we had spent hours talking together.

Actually, I'm not buying it.

It's raining there.

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I found out why Shyam didn't want to come.

I don't find it intimidating.

I'm sorry she's not here.

I just need to see them.

For all his wealth and fame, he is unhappy.

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You either go with me, or with him.

The boy pronounces the words well.

We couldn't help but think that he was dead.

Mr. Wilson is proud of his house.

We should give Knute another chance.

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Ernie will be right back.

Most of them are Canadians.

Ferns won't grow in such a dry place.

Water is amazing.

You're in shock.


To talk about it is a waste of time.

All you have to do to take a picture is push this button.

I thought you were in Boston.


It's not my fault.

Do you use fingernail clippers to cut your toenails?

Her girlfriend is part of the itty bitty titty committee.

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Hey, I wasn't finished with that.

He was condemned to death.

Once in orbit, Yuri Gagarin had no control over his spacecraft. Vostok's reentry was controlled by a computer program sending radio commands to the space capsule.

Dieter might possibly have stayed in Boston.

Ernst often hangs out with Claudio on weekends.


What kind of work do you do?

Lou took off his coat and threw it on the floor.

I brush my teeth twice a day.


Get the meaning of a word from its context.


I can't sing very well.


She was offended by something.

It looks Egyptian.

We did have some good times.

Why don't you just call Catherine?

He told me that Poe's novels were interesting.

After a long argument, I finally gave in.

It happened that I knew her by sight.

I don't see any resemblance.

You need to go back and apologize to Stewart.


If only her husband would help her, most of her problems would disappear.

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We'll never forget Norm.


Strong coffee kept her awake all night.

Many children at this school are malnourished.

I met too many people to remember all their names.

He said such awful things to me.

I won't divorce you unless you give me a good reason.

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She lit the candles.

I always knew I was adopted.

I sneaked up behind him.


I don't know what to do about him.

We're not really going out in this rain, are we?

The trip was canceled because of a terrible storm.

Lievaart and Klaudia work together at the same company.

Boys read less for enjoyment than girls.

We have no idea what's going on.

A temporary government was established.

She and her twin sister were born just five minutes apart.

I really loved working here.

I went after him, but I lost him in the crowd.

The lock on the stable is broken.


Let's sit down and have a beer.


I want to die!

There's a lot of dangerous stuff in this warehouse.

You're comparing chalk and cheese!

The genius, wit and spirit of a nation are discovered in its proverbs.

We discovered a secret passageway.


Have you ever said "I love you" to anybody?

We're not afraid of new elections.

He grabbed the boy's hand.

Very small amounts of mass may be converted into a very large amount of energy and vice versa.

You're taking a big risk, Dori.

I am interested in Chinese religion.

The workmen were climbing up and down the ladder.

You weren't alone.

Would you ever consider going out with someone like me?

Can you come at 9?

I have an idea I'd like to discuss with you.


That's enough, thanks!

Is she really that pretty?

You've made that abundantly clear.

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You might need the calculator now.

He has greasy hair.

Be sure to call home before you leave the office.

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She could not have done such a thing.

She said that she was ill.

Yumi's hobby is singing popular songs.

I gotta keep on movin'.

Life isn't all roses and sunshine.


The diplomats are in a precarious position.

Don't you worry about them?

Let's find out what Donald thinks.

A blow from a falling stone killed him.

Some people aren't practical at all.


Jan wasn't in the mood for lunch.

Fletcher's answer stunned everyone.

He got involved in shady business affairs.


It's good to see you again.

I'm here to fix the broken window.

It must be them.

I'm not ungrateful.

The journalist was too upset to distinguish vice from virtue.

When did you last see her?

You should do it this way.

That'll change soon.

I'm sure Matti is going to be there.


The Star Festival is in July.


He broke them.

You're frustrated about your job.

She's practicing the piano day and night.

How do you get this stuff?

The credit is all his.

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Your computer will restart several times during installation.

I told Kurt what time to come.

I've been looking everywhere.


I still think it's funny.

It sounds like she's going to Kashgar.

We'll just have to wait and see.


The tree was clearly defined against the sky.


I guess Leif doesn't know.

You've got frenzied.

She is becoming more and more like her sister.

We have to seriously think about this.

We reached an agreement at the end of the meeting.

Timo took everything to his office.

I persuaded Susumu to let me use his car.

Tickets are $13, $30, and $33, and go on sale Monday at noon.

Sunlight is the main source of vitamin D.

Jerald will come back when he feels like it.

They say they need help.

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The city was overtaken by the jungle.

Are you sure you don't want to stay for dinner?

Don't study!

Sanjeev no longer trusts Ravindran.

Please speak in a louder voice.

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You're useless.

Will you go to the meeting in my place?

He was always different from other children.