Irwin says that he wants to settle down.

Excuse me, is Xinqiao Restaurant far from here?

Schools teach students a basic method for learning things more effectively.

Then the King said to his wife, "If the thirteenth child which thou art about to bring into the world, is a girl, the twelve boys shall die, in order that her possessions may be great, and that the kingdom may fall to her alone."

This is the perfect Mother's Day gift.

You can't even imagine what he's capable of.

I'm my own worst enemy.

I suggest you wait until Jason tells you what to do.

The phone's ringing. I'll get it if you want.

You're the only one who can defeat Sridharan.

She's considering changing her life.

Hal thinks it won't be possible.

It's rare that history comes with a man that his fear is set in the hearts of kings all around earth.

The girl's father put her hair in a braid.

Dominick leaned towards Trevor.

Norman said to ask you.

English is difficult, innit?

The reason why we cannot support his view will be given below.

Lowell was green with envy.

I'm pretty busy right now.

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Did you warn her?

The farmer should use a new fertiliser.

I can't believe I'm even considering this.

Please help yourselves to something to eat.

During the Depression in the 1930's, many wealthy people lost everything in the stock market crash.

In winter, the dry leaves fly around in the air.

What is John doing now?


He's a seasoned investigator.

You've got a good idea.

She recovered her senses.

Who does want change?

I feel that I've wasted your time.


She kept me waiting for 30 minutes.

How many pennies does it take to make one pound?

I ate a fresh lemon for the vitamin C.

Her grave is there.

I'd like you to go there.

Colonia is a Uruguayan department situated in the south-west of the country.

Competition is very keen in the car industry.


I have heard nothing from him for five years.

I'd rather stay home if it's all the same to you.

True love does not exist!

He's wide awake.

Run for it!


She received four e-mails.


Moses told Gale that she had the prettiest eyes he'd ever seen.

I'm still going to talk to him.

OK, but what about the manager?

Have you already ordered?

He turned around and looked back.

Chip advanced Spass two week's salary.

Both Major and Jiri are single.


You're an optimist.


You've had enough time.

I must refuse.

My wife showed excellent taste in decorating the room.


What's the secret to success?

I don't receive on Sundays.

I didn't know Guillermo and Tamara were brothers.

You won't be able to see the effects in the first phase.

He looks just like his brother.


He is always full of power.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.

Anything is infinitely better than nothing.

We all stared at them.

Mrs. Thompson wants to conceal the fact that she is a millionaire.

I know! And let me also say that Keiko is a SECOND cousin of mine.

I'll ask him if he plans to come.

I'm not sharing this with him.

Strange things happen.

I guess Casey didn't like it.

I have seen the film before.

Troy is very self-conscious.

He has failed after all his labors.


She went to the hairdresser's to have her hair done.

She wasn't wealthy enough to feed her dog meat every day.

According to the manufacturer's directions, tires should be changed every 10 years.


The bridge collapsed.

I'm beginning to think there's nothing we can do to help Ken.

Drinking is bad for your health.

The first mention of Bobruisk is dated 1387.

Let me tell her what I know.

She helped him overcome his sadness.

Emily prefers Coca-Cola to Pepsi.

Keep trying.

I'll show you the way out.

The law says that all men are equal.

Beckie lost consciousness.


Tulips will bloom soon.


It's not like you have anything else to do.

I can't do that either.

Mara is cleaning his house.

Portuguese is a Romance language.

He knows he acted badly.

Donovan can go first.

Now, hang on a second.


Carter owes a lot of people a lot of money.


Ian's as strong as an ox, yet nevertheless is a coward.

Manavendra may have misunderstood you.

Rainer has been taken to the emergency room.

When they are in danger, they run away.

We simply can't allow that.

Chris didn't show up for the meeting.

You still owe me one.

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He's the most fantastic person of my life.

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I would like to have some water.


His webpage is in Esperanto.

Jeffie was killed in an accident.

Don't leave evidence.


Why are you always late for school?

Mother placed a large vase on the shelf.

I hit Romain again.

The high salary disposed him to accept the position.

I'm hopeless.


The savage in man is never quite eradicated.

We cheerfully discussed the matter over a drink.

The cow is drying up.


Why are you waiting?

A Mr Brown came this morning.

On the whole, I think your plan is a very good one.

My parents want me to study medicine.

Saify told the children that they could stay in this room as long as they didn't make any noise.

Try not to splatter the ink.

We should be someplace else.

Tonight, a local composer will debut a symphony of his own.

Deb arrived ten minutes ago, but I haven't yet him seen.

That program is still far from perfect.

You can understand that, right?

She does not speak English.

If you have time, let's go shopping.

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Is it too big?

He speaks fluent Russian, or at least that's what he told me.

I've been in love before.


We welcomed her decision.


Emily is drinking cola.

The sun is rising.

Some sick men moaned on the back of camels.

I don't know when Winston will get here.

You need to be better than that.

Guido isn't good at cooking.

If you're happy, I'm glad.

Saad wouldn't like Boston.

Because families in Shanghai today have only one son or daughter, the head of the family places a strong emphasis on their childs studying.

I wrote the note.

At least try to understand the concept, and not surrender right away in that it's over your head.


It's crowded, so let's take the next train.

We need to change the system.

He squeezed her shoulders.

Klaudia is never be able to keep his mouth shut.

If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

How many libraries are there in this neighborhood?

He entered the room with his hat off.


I have one to sell.

How much money does Butler make?

From that day forth he lived with the boy.

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Betty has a sweet voice.

Marshall's dog scared off the pigeons.

You did a favor for me when you said this.

Just apologize to her.

No man is so old he cannot learn.

Rich kissed Joni back.

You should get out of the pool.

The parents are responsible for the education of their children.

Most Americans are descended from immigrants.


We have a lot of work ahead of us.

I don't think I'll ever see Maarten again.

Has Bret been fired yet?

Much wisdom is to be found in the Bible.

Let's hope Oskar comes.

Did you get this from him?

The child was hiding in the box.