You like me, don't you?

Shari knew Les used to live in Boston.


I really want to go away, far from the noises of the city.


The train arrived ten minutes behind time.

Do you have any idea what Myron is doing?

I didn't know how to speak French at that time.


I want to see him at all costs.

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She never talked about it.

Have you taken your break yet?

The store is right in the middle of the city.


You have no right to interfere in other people's affairs.

Murray is in touch with his feelings.

I've retired and I'm going to take it easy for a while.

I'm on to something.

Harris doesn't want to miss his flight.

I bought a lot of books.

Joni was sick.


Christopher still doesn't know whether or not he wants to study.

Haven't you been paying attention?

What's the next stop?

I'm not sleepy yet.

"They lost again." "You don't say. What's that, eight in a row?"


You go to school in order to study at university afterwards.

I strongly disagree with this.

Would you like to go to dinner?

That factory is for the manufacture of computers.

Norma went straight home after work.


I'm starting to agree with you.

I did it a few times.

Where did you take your socks off?

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I found this book very difficult.

Alfred couldn't do what Jeannie asked him to do.

The cat is playing with the children.

She came over to France for a holiday.

I am like a cat. I see better at night than by day.

I can't believe you remember that.

I was beginning to worry.


Didn't anything else happen?

Did you see the lunar eclipse yesterday?

Do you have wet wipes? I spilled coffee on my pants.

Lock the dog in the kitchen.

The activists deny the accusations.

Do you really want Srinivasan on your team?

There are no people who don't desire peace.

There was a huge explosion.

It always happens like this.

She completely ignored me.

I do believe that he's your friend.

The building of the Eiffel Tower marked the arrival of the twentieth century.

You should look up that word.

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It is in April that our school years start.

Niels is going to do the right thing.

I broke up with her.


Gordon is poor.


Are you seriously thinking about selling this on eBay?


I can't call the cops on him.


Prakash is traveling by himself.

Stock prices dropped.

Nancy set out on a solo journey.

Instead of beating around the bush, Jones got straight to the point.

We won't let that happen.

That was actually really fun.

I don't know where to look anymore.

The desire to fly in the sky like a bird inspired the invention of the airplane.

He looked at the slide under the microscope.

I'm coming from grandpa now, and going to my uncle.

Kayvan never woke up.

There seems to be no one here.

That's an important distinction to make.

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My father chose not to disturb my optimism.


I had to drop out of college and get a job.

The city government wants to set up special cycle lanes. However, a lot of drivers oppose the idea.

Don't listen to Jon.

It's not a good idea to date your neighbor.

Nathan is busy right now and he can't help you.


Did you poison them?

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Oranges are a seasonal fruit.

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What that man's done is an outrage.


A swarm of locusts descended on the cornfield.


Ask him if he will attend the meeting.

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Hilda might be able to help you with your problem.

I bought this racket two months ago.

Maybe we can buy Tiefenthal a new one.

I never claimed that I could speak French.

I admit that I killed it.

Patrice was fast.

Does he write letters in English?

I hate long flights.

I ate quesadillas for breakfast.

She was on the scene of the crime.

Making model planes is his only hobby.

Cyrus told John that he would ask Irfan to the dance only if John asked Alice.

If anybody can fix it, it's Brian.

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Herve only comes to visit once in a blue moon.

She waved goodbye to him.

He is not always busy in the morning.


He said the treaty was unfair.

The corrected sentence was just what he wanted to say.

I think she hates me.

I don't know where this came from.

Joyce knows how to repair computers.

My temperature is normal.

He is foolish to meet her again.

I want to sit in the front row.

The truth was that he was already in love.


Someone stepped on my foot.

That made Theodore Roosevelt angry.

Do you have a European health insurance card?


I have already packed my things.


I have a present for you.

We're not going back there anymore.

"It could happen to anybody." "But it always happens to you!"


He usually went to the beach on Friday.


May we swim here?


I bought a green couch yesterday, but I couldn't fit it through the door, so I had to return it.

I should follow my nose.

Everything has got its time.

The crisis led to the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Yeah. I think so, too.

She approved of the wedding.

You're in serious danger.


She's trying to balance her work and home lives.

I'm just trying to be friendly.

Give it all you've got.

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You didn't tell me Gill smoked.

It is necessary that you follow the advice of your mother.

Is Liyuan planning to be at today's meeting?

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I thought I'd surprise her.

I'll do what you want.

I long for you.

He paid no attention to what she said.

I found it difficult to read the book.

If you learn English at all, learn it thoroughly.

It is believed that Mr Jones is a good teacher.

We'd like to see the results of the experiment.

We did warn them.

You've been helpful.

Ethan is looking ill.


Trading partners are leaning on Japan to clarify its trade policy.


Do you often go to the church?

I won't make the same mistake next time.

The hotel room was a mess after the drunk tourists stayed there.

Has Gail ever been violent with you before?

Why do I write only novels?


Could you tell me how to get to Osaka station?


Oskar needs to get a haircut.

We got an unexpected present from him. I guess he felt a little obligated after what we did for him.

I'll be there rain or shine.

Do you annoy your brothers?

The birthrate will continue to decline for years to come.

The cancer needed to be removed immediately.

I tried to stay awake.


We'll go out when this shower is over.

Have you heard the original version of this song?

Why are you writing with a pencil?

I think you're absolutely right.

This fabric wears well.

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I wish we'd had time to visit you while we were in Boston.

She met Brooke while working part-time on the ranch.

Regrettably, he lacks the financial wherewithal to run a presidential campaign.