One hundred and fifty thousand couples are expected to get married in Shanghai in 2006.

I've rarely seen her so quiet.

It was a beautiful sunny day.

The sniper picked off his victims one by one.

I intend to carry this project thorough to completion.

I have been studying for two hours.


Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.

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We don't sell what you want.

Have you ever thought about the connection between the breath, the mind, and the body?

You have nothing whatever to feel guilty about.

Do people ever accuse you of being conceited?

We had a rough flight because of turbulence.

I want a bath.

Whose fault is it?

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An international crew, typically consisting of six members, resides on the ISS for approximately six months at a time.

If I go to the party, I'll take some bottles of wine.

Carol should be notified.

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The president of Tanzania was on a state visit to Finland in 1998 together with his wife.


There are only a few consequences of closing the canteen.

This AC unit wastes a lot of electricity.

He was hurt in the accident.

The light is on.

It's a waste of time and money.

I just needed a place to work out.

Elisabeth looks quite uncomfortable.

Please listen to us.

Have you got a cold now?

He had a narrow escape in the traffic accident.

Loukas is one of Lynne's neighbors.

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One is unable to change one's values.


In August, I have a technological refresher course that lasts two months.

Dwayne has been depressed recently.

Better to be a happy fool than an unhappy sage.

Call him.

I have a right to choose.

Tell me what to do.

I feel grateful to hear that she has got well.

I am not a dwarf. I am of short stature.

Americans have to spend hours figuring out their taxes.

The place is deep in broken glass.

She put a red ribbon on her umbrella as a mark.


I'd still like to know what happened here last Monday.

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He was brought up against the realities of life.

Prepare yourself for the future.

I translated everything Sigurd wrote into French.

This shirt is filthy. Wash it after school.

Somebody told me that today's test was identical to the one we had last year.

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Donnie gave his life for his country.


The loud noise is driving me crazy.

If you don't give anything you woun't have anything.

You have to accustom yourself to the crowded trains in Tokyo.

A girl came running, with her hair streaming in the wind.

What are you about now?

Our teacher said, "Water boils at 100 degrees."

The aerial on our radio needs fixing.

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At least we know Pontus is alive.

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Better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.

Follow me to a fitting room.

We'll be back here next year.

I went to that party by myself.

But on the day of the mock exams, there are no club activities, so that means I can walk back home with Haruka. And I'm grateful for that.

Jean crossed the busy street.

One male American student out of five said that he drank more than 10 drinks a day.

Her father could swim well when he was young.

Supplies were no problem.

Why don't you let me decide?

Always come by the time promised.


Many immigrants to Britain have come from Asia.

I screamed at the top of my lungs.

It's already 7:00.

I thought something was wrong with Radek.

You're being discharged.


Rajeev is a really cool guy.

Maybe I can help with that.

I want to eat something delicious.


Why are you dressed up like a clown?

Please come home as quickly as possible.

She was hysterically crying.

Celia read the letter three times.

The rain prevented the boys from playing baseball on the playground.


All that New Age stuff is really weird.

Stephen wanted to be left alone.

Do you see the color? It means you're pregnant!

Yesterday, we finished constructing the new stage.

I'm being patient right now.


Knut knows Vincenzo.

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Clem probably thought I wouldn't like doing that.

My dog is blind, but he loves to go out for a walk.

I'm never coming back here again.

A bunch of niggers passed your mother round for a two day's crust of bread.

He wanted proof.


Indra quickly put out the fire.



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I don't like to paint.

Is it true that it's easy to get laid in Japan?

Seymour won't survive.


Don't go away. Stay here with me.

Go ahead to the end of the street.

You must not go up the stairs.

In the period to come, there will be a time of peace and tranquility.

Twenty people perished in the blaze.

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Tell me you understand the difference.

Felix isn't afraid of anything, is he?

Has the body not been recovered yet?

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Genius chastised grows in authority.

Hector owns a car dealership.

It is too dark to see clearly.

Coffee gives you energy!

Was anyone injured?


It's really hard to understand you.

She is in harmony with all her classmates.

Lonhyn arrived ahead of Taurus.

Don't be ungrateful.

Red meats are proteic foods.

I've got some things for you in my suitcase.

Those who love too much, hate in like extreme.


There is a hostel two kilometers from the station.

Jacques is going to run for mayor.

We did have a look around for you!

Moreover, I judge that Carthage must be annihilated.

Shouldn't you be listening?

I've been expecting something like that.

You have an advantage over him.

She was in the habit of sitting up late at night.

Sport doesn't interest me.

You should've seen them.

I tried to tell her.

Herve wants to tell Arthur the truth.

They watched me in silence.


A hunt is on for the runaway.

I thought it might be worth something.

This is a very nice fireplace.

I refuse to do that.

Now I have to find them.

No one seems to have any idea where John is.

Put down your pencil and listen to me.

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Nobody bought it.

There are twenty-five students in the assembly hall.

She was from Kyoto, as was evident from her accent.


Wash the car.

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That snake is poisonous.


I always knew you were going to make it.


Three children opened the door of the building.


He'll probably come over here if you call out to him.

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Charlie just saw Martyn.

Japan is now very different from what it was twenty years ago.

As you can see, we're still working.

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Who cares about me?

Turn that music down!

Severe turbulence during the flight and very poor cabin service didn't make for an enjoyable start to our holiday.

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Marc said he should go.

Shouldn't we be helping Daniele?

I was going to buy it, only Russ told me not to.

The buying and selling of peoples' personal information is becoming a big issue.

This is the first time I've ever massaged my knees with this ointment.

Watch out for her. Her weapon is language - if she wants to, she'll talk you to death.

He's very smart, and he's handsome too.

Stefan doesn't have much choice.

I've told you about them.

I'm so tired I could die.

He's doing very well today.

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I've just invented a new word processor allowing to pronounce words backwards.