Why couldn't you tell her?

I'm seeing them again tonight.


Shannon's quite good.

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Roland lives in a world of fantasy.

And I'll put my two cents in as well.

Let's go to your room.

She will lose weight.

I'd like to tell you something in private.

They hate Halloween.

I'm looking forward to meeting with you the next time I visit your town.

We're out of milk.

What else am I going to do?

Why are you drinking Jun's juice?

Marcos doesn't like swimming.

I'm offering to help you now.

Can I leave him a message?

That can't be right, can it?

Nou says Willie is lying about where she was last night.


Have you seen them recently?

I shoot the rabbits in my garden with a squirt gun to keep them away from the vegetables.

Did I say your name right?

I didn't use to like wine, but now I'm quite fond of it.

The common fish swims beautifully.


He has not yet succeeded.

She heard him sing.

Everyone looked unhappy.

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Teri was walking down the street, whistling a tune.

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We were associated in the enterprise.

Reinhard didn't like the way Arthur sang.

I love that store.

He doesn't want to live in the city.

Christ was born in 4BC.

It makes me really happy that you're here.

Polls have consistently projected a 47% vote for Labour.

You've been a great guest.

The accident threw traffic into great confusion.

Why does everyone hate them?

All philosophers, even the famous ones, can be found to have the same weakness: faith in philosophy.

The language of friendship is not words but meanings.

Why don't I pay her a visit?

Ronald wondered if Benson knew John had spent three years in prison.

It was raining when we left; it was sunny when we arrived.


Margie thought Carlos knew John.

Markku never saw his parents again, or spoke of them.

I can tell you how to avoid the mistakes I made.

Maybe Les was walking in his sleep.

Wendy was totally impressed.

So I thought my date, er rather, offline-meeting was going to be just me and her but things aren't that easy.

He is a man of great importance.

Vassos is troubled.

Please let me know the truth.


It's raining, and we forgot to close the windows.

Can you imagine doing this by yourself?

I made known my intentions to my parents.


I love the people in this town.


We have a theory.

My father used to smoke, but now he doesn't.

Have your roses come out yet?

Rodent abuses his authority, so no one likes him.

She shows a very positive attitude to her work.

Now I delete you.

Do you think we should get involved?


He is a poet.


I moved to Boston last spring.

Wade wasn't there.

What is your first memory from when you were a kid?


We'll be totally defenseless.

I've got an idea.

He crushed the insect mercilessly.

How do you plan on doing it?

Welcome back. We missed you.

It is said that the war will end soon.

Jane is to teach our students from next week.

This cloth won't stand much washing.

I had hardly left home when it began to rain heavily.

Did you carry out your plan?

Linda came home late at night.

When you go to Romania, you will see more.

The dress looks quite cool on you.

Myrick is playing with his toys.

Sport means health.

There has got to be an explanation.

Mr. Suzuki isn't a dentist. He's a physician.


She wondered how his lips would taste.


I'm taking the book.

She couldn't understand why people rejected her because of the color of her skin.

It is common for students to go to school without eating breakfast.

I'll arrange it.

We'll get you the best lawyer we can afford.


Digging up a corpse is profanity.

Deb left his jacket somewhere and he can't remember where.

The television is broken.

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Tell Anatoly that I want to marry him.

In Japan you tend to use your personal seal, but actually a signature would often suffice.

We don't like them.


Is the beach near this area?

"How did you get that scar?" "It's a long story."

Where did you find their cat?

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I'm fed up with him!

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Meeting you here is an unexpected pleasure.

I'm old enough to be your father.

Do you really want to know what I want?

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Charley is one of the greatest American songwriters.

It'll happen.

Look at the baby sleeping in the cradle.


Our house commands a beautiful view.

You can do this.

She's slim and sexy.


We saw a stranger enter the house.

How did I get into this?

You need to do something about the leaky faucet.


I don't like to take on such heavy responsibilities.

They came to our aid at once.

This place has not been the same since you left.


Kamel hasn't been there yet.

That's a secret I can't tell you.

Mahesh is my boy.

Experience counts in this job.

Antonio isn't sure how to proceed.

gradual changes take place in our city every year

Single dads are becoming more and more vocal in the U.S.


I thought about how much had happened in the last two hours.

Please wait in front of Room 213.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow night, so let's leave our umbrellas until then.

No one heard Charleen's screams for help.

He's a little too old for me.

Let one undo my shoes, lest from afar an envious look should smite me.

She loves trains.

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I only have one mouth, but I have two ears.

The "kebab murders" appear to be solved.

For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move.

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The woman they were due to call has left.

Do you like trips?

I removed her number after severing our friendship.

I'm only human.

I found out where he is.

Bonnie tried to persuade Dannie not to leave.

Many of the city's leading restaurants close down for the whole of August.

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I cannot comply with his request.


How many strings do most harps have?

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I wish Torsten would stop complaining.

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You won't enjoy it.

Derek is an oncologist.

I was bored with the monotony of daily life.

I asked for a seat in the smoking section.

He is not so much a politician as a merchant.

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How long does it take by car?

He asked his wife if she was coming with him.

Your wish is granted.

"Whose sheep are these?" "They are mine."

Donald wants to become a famous singer.

He is always up to no good.

The orphan met up with his two sisters when he was five years old.

Don't act like you know me.

That was definitely the wrong choice.

Pilot was the only female teacher.

The new tablet costs an arm and a leg.


Have fun and come back soon.

I'm so glad you're home.

I want to rent a car.

It's harder than most people think.

There are times that we have to leave a job even in the middle of a recession.

The girls danced to music.

Mr Tani and his wife were present at that party.


His theory is based on careful research.