Holster your weapon.

It doesn't bother me.

An insurance claim is a demand made by the insured for payment of the benefits as provided by the policy.

Have you already eaten?

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She looked as if she had ill for a long time.

In your opinion, what does good nutrition look like?

Kylo got down on one knee and proposed to Nicolette.


The cafe is on the ground floor, two floors below.


You helped us.

The European Union has eliminated the death penalty.

Everyone looks uncomfortable.


The question is do you know what you're doing.

Some stuff is about to happen.

That's what we're trying to do.


It looks like it may rain today. I'm worried that our cherry-blossom-viewing party might be canceled.

I'm just saying it's possible.

Where should we go next?

His girlfriend was really angry at him.

I am going to return this sweater because it's too big.

A lot of truck drivers eat here.

I suppose that's one of the reasons Joe isn't here.

The people gathered about us.

A book is always an acceptable gift.


No, but they might have them at our other store.

I want to do the right thing.

You may come with us if you want to.

Mechael never discusses his work with Spyros.

I am not Melissa.

I make a lot of stupid decisions.

Price lived in Boston, right?

So far we have had no news as to which route the expedition has taken.

She made some derogatory remarks about her colleagues.

Patricia slipped and nearly fell.

I gave Lawrence the weapons he wanted.


What he said is irrelevant to the matter.

He worked too hard and destroyed his health.

How many times have I told you guys to stay out of my room?

Merat is starting to cry.

I want everyone to remain calm.


I'm handling the situation.

Help yourself to a piece of cake.

I'm not afraid of lightning.


You don't need a gun.

I finally overcame my shyness and asked him out on a date.

Tim plays the harmonica by ear.

The library is wrapped in almost complete silence.

We look exactly like them.

She met Monica here.

If it snows on the mountain, it is cold in the valley.

You can't imagine how tired I am.

Elias said he was planning to get smashed tonight.

I want to get away from the noise.

Morning found them on deck.


Had I but seen it coming, I should have nipped this revolting development in the bud.

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Go and wake Galen up.


I'm afraid of owls.

I'm probably more ready than you are.

His novels are popular among young people.

Roman said that he would always detest Trey.

The future has many names.


Strobing effects can trigger epileptic seizures.

Please give me something to kill the pain.

This is the best dictionary there is in the library.

The photo is the first thing you notice.

My father and I go fishing once in a while.

She was forced to bid her hometown farewell.

I am an enchanted Princess, and my father has promised that the man who releases me from the spell shall have the third of his kingdom while he is alive, and the whole of it after he is dead, and marry me as well.

They prefer a window seat.

I have three times as many books as he does.

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I'm older than I look.


I'm a bad boy.

That sounds fair to me.

We have to convince Hilda to stay here.

The price doesn't matter.

Although Bob was in disguise, I recognized him at a glance.

I'm listening to you.

Well, if you put it that way, sure.

Is a common European identity possible?

Grisha usually repaired his car in this place.

You've made a bad mistake.

Where's the Polish embassy?

I am looking forward to your letter.

Sooner or later, the police are going to catch you.


I've told Dwight all about Hartmann.


This is an old book.


Steve took his gloves off.

As soon as we find out anything, we will contact him.

The talk was peppered with scientific jargon that no one understood.


He's nervous and easily frightened.

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This video is boring.

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It just started to rain.


May I go out for a walk?

Are you sure that Midori plays the violin well?

Read it after her.

I tried to call her.

Vincenzo gave Mickey a box of chocolates laced with poison.


Do you want to buy a shirt?

I took the first step.

What's your favorite summer sport?

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It was my responsibility.

He tried to talk her into doing it.

That's Grant's apartment.

The question arises: "Is also the internet a means of mass communication?"

I was smiling.

I'll be back for Christmas.

Asked about her job, she said, "My job is too complicated to sum up in a word."

Clyde Tombaugh died at the age of ninety on January 17, 1997.

I'd like a receipt, please.


The mother just held tightly onto her daughter, saying nothing else.

Ram is more of an acquaintance than a friend.

He lived in a small town nearby.

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Terrance doesn't even want to go.

Never turn your back on her.

In Japan, military leaders gained control of the government.

Seldom does a loan come home laughing.

Shai has unique skills.


It wasn't interesting at all.


She pointed out my mistake.

I'll do the rest of the work another time.

In California, most houses have frames of wood.


Wolf said that you were going to Boston.

Ken appears to be a friendly person.

The weatherman predicts snow for tonight.

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America is not the most democratic nation.

About time too!

Linley and Murph sat side by side.

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My mother is a good woman.

He's in the zone.

I believe you've been trying to contact us.

She says that she likes flowers.

He made six mistakes in as many lines.

Kristen ordered a beer.

That was hard to believe.

This is by no means easy reading.

I haven't spoken French for years.

Mikey definitely won't work for less than $300 an hour.

That's not how it works.


The information presented in Kelly's paper on color coordination is seen to be of use in building up an alternative theory.

To defend the city, they built an elaborate system of tunnels of their own.

Don't keep me in suspense.

Damone drank some beer.

The horse stopped and refused to go any further.

I hug you.

When I grow up, I'm going to get married to Ginny.

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Destroy what destroys you.

I'm not interested in that.

That won't be any problem at all.


She went from London to Paris.

How much money would you like to withdraw?

Deborah had to admit that he was too tired to do anything else.

I'll bet it hurts.

My fate is in your hands.

Syed was glad he didn't have to live in Boston for more than a year.

I hear from him once in a while.

There is pressure on the cornea from the inside of the eye.

Evidence that Harrison did not intend this work to be a parody can be seen in his letter to Mrs. Evans.

We could use a hand.

That's icky.

Tell me how you did it.

I hope we can start this task next month.

I knew you wouldn't abandon me.

It's really warm here, isn't it? Should I turn on the air conditioning?


I think we're OK.

I didn't say I'd forgotten.

Come closer and you'll be able to see better.