This is awfully hilly terrain; I hope we don't screw up the transmission.

Are you mad at me?

It's an old name.

I gotta do what I've gotta do.

She can't bring herself to throw away photo albums filled with memories of him.

Not all of those books are useful.

I was just being polite.

Tell me when I can open my eyes.


I am staying at a hotel in New York.


Your problem is you're not motivated.

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We'll check it out.

She went to the United States with a view to study medicine.

You are my only hope.

You ought to give up smoking; it's bad for the health.

Barbara is sleeping on his bedroll.


Every time I read this book, I find something new.

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There will be snow tomorrow.


"I have to see him." "Why?"

Our hero claims a warrior's heart.

Tell me what you heard.

She prayed that her mother would forgive her.

Atheism is irrational by definition.

He is studying law at the university.

Let's do something new.

The suit's made of very rough material.

Send this parcel to him in care of his company.

I'm three years younger than you.

Everything was so beautiful.


Sandy had nothing to read.

What bit you?

I would like to live in the quiet country.

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Until now, opinions differed over the question of whether birds could sleep while aloft.

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She spoke impolitely.

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Do you still need a loan?

I don't have to listen to you.

Everybody desires happiness.


We're back on schedule.

Hang your coat and hat up on the rack over there.

She wrote a letter.

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That's a scary thought.

I'm wondering what will happen if I push this button.

The World Cup, like many other things in life, has a habit of ignoring the laws of fairness.

So what are you saying, Gale?

It's never too early to start learning.


Do you think my job is easy?

I'll meet Margaret in front of the station at 2:30.

Someone told me Ramadoss left her husband.

I really think I should drive.

The beautiful woman is tall.

How are you doing there?

It's a good camera.

Are you reading something interesting?

Let's play tennis. I've booked a court for 10:30.


I wonder why Geoff doesn't want to sign the contract.

The situation has taken on a new aspect.

They kept me waiting for an hour.


My family thinks I'm rich.

Pierre called a cab for me.

It's the longest journey of my life!

Light the lantern so we can see.

Oil and water don't blend.

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That's an abuse of authority.


That's still yours.

Would somebody look after her?

No can't stand seeing Shannon so happy.

The car's antenna is built into the windshield.

Marian was in too much of a hurry to wait around.

Many pictures are placed on Xiaoding's desk.

Once, Christopher Columbus made a mistake. We say "once", of course, because he did this once and only once.

I had a Segway accident last week.

Jane appears to be enjoying the party.


I eat chocolate.


The air conditioner seems to be working now.


Doctors and nurses carry stethoscopes.

Please don't cry again.

An old woman was found choked to death.


I didn't tell Elvis everything Victor asked me to tell him.

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There's nothing I can do here.

If it hadn't been for you, he would still be alive.

What time does the meeting start?

I warned you he was crazy.

We brought him his son's completely bloodstained garment.

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Dan is Linda's worst nightmare.

Don't forget to lock up when you leave.

Clayton would've loved the concert.


Why didn't you say it like that?

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Who's dying?

Roberto came to live with Venkata.

I wonder why he was absent.

We'll settle this when I get back.

Are you talking about them?

This kind of work is very dangerous.

This dress leaves little to the imagination.

Although it was a popular movie, Out of Africa was more of a coffee-table movie than anything else.

It's free and fast!

Which metro train goes to the centre?

You said you'd help him.

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We were late, owing to the heavy snow.

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Do you need a ride home later?

I got up at 4:00, ate some food, then went back to sleep.

If you want to talk to Julia about this, let me know and I'll give you his number.

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We've been friends for over thirty years.

Have you finished the job?

He is just a minion of the minister.

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the matter in question.

Did Ben say that I said that?

I've made a decision.

I expected Benson to win the race.

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You have to cope with those difficult problems.


She doesn't like to leave anything unfinished.


One could feel that Mr. Ray Jackson was aggressively anti-American.

"Can you do it in a week?" "I think so."

You should just keep doing what you're doing.


The traffic was bad.


The black dog on the grass was exposed to the sun.

They set out for Turkey on a two-day trip.

This is the last thing I need right now.


My jaw hurts.


We seem to be trapped.


I married when I was 19 years old.

God only knows if I can live out the 20th century.

Vladimir says he's never been sick a day in his life.

Hurry up, or you will miss the last train.

Because I didn't hear from him, I wrote to him again.

He doesn't have to wash the car.

She was so beautiful that anyone could see that she was a real Princess.

Everett didn't go straight in.

That would fit.

Do you want me to handle this?

The patient was allowed up.

I didn't recognize Stu when I passed him on the road today.

He is slowly recovering from his illness.

I got to watch my son playing baseball and I was proud of him.

That does worry me.


Ah ... okay, I was young, but what a stupid mistake!


They say that beet juice can lower blood pressure.


Promise me you won't do that.

I didn't mean to give you that impression.

I never met him.

I saw her at the station.

There's a lot left to be done.

What was the last play you went to see?

Ji is really younger than he looks.

Your opinion is far different from mine.

She is old enough to know better.

Have you heard from Klaudia lately?

The partner was discouraged to his large victory.

We have to stop her.

Tell her that I am writing a letter.

You can call me anytime you want.

How much farther?

You forgot to thank Darren for the present, didn't you?

Do you mind if I leave early?

The noise awoke me from my sleep.

Just don't tell him I sent you.

We could have a picnic by the river.

That's not why I came here.

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He was put under anesthesia.


He inherited of a great fortune.