I want to learn standard English.

Everyone said no.

Their success has a lot to do with their diligence.

She likes that dog.

I was very glad to see him.

There's another hitch.

His girlfriend was there, too.

The teacher's method of teaching is so outmoded.

Money cannot pay for the loss of happiness.

I don't know how to stop it.

He ascribes his failure to bad luck.

It's a strong possibility.

People tend to have troubles figuring out when to write a semicolon.

I don't even care anymore.


Open the panel.

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Part bought three bottles of red wine.

First, you must last.

She replied that she had never seen the man before.

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Edwin stared blankly.

There are a lot of parks in London.

I'm tired of all your complaining.

Your composition is not altogether bad.

Something isn't right with this.


There are not two suns in the sky.

What are the meal hours?

Do you mind if I open the door?

I've already returned the books to the library.

Without effort, nothing is possible.


You're not mad anymore, are you?


I received a five hundred dollar advance on my pay.

Tell me how you feel about her.

Can I see a copy of the rules?

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That's what Erwin wanted.

It doesn't go with the room at all, but I got it for free so it's all good!

Sigurd was the only girl wearing a skirt.

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Theodore glanced at the others.

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I wasn't expecting that to happen.

Todd thought what Blayne said was stupid.

I hope we can avoid that.

Sir couldn't find out Nikolai's address.

It is necessary for you to stop smoking.

What are you going as?

There's a postcard here.

What's the difference between a miniskirt and a microskirt?

I see with my eyes.

Who are we meeting?

He is handsome and clever.

Leave it to me to prepare lunch.

The back door's wide open.

I think he will be glad to see you.

It occurred to me it might have something to do with Michelle.

This is the last train, sir.

They'll blame Erick for everything.

She has hundreds of books.

What is your mother's name?

You're a wonderful cook.

But soon he would not be able to walk, write, or even eat by himself.


The total includes tax.

There's a bus stop here.

Knapper is a hermit.

Carlo tried, but failed.

Giles put up a fight.


It was hard for him to hide the pride he felt after his success.

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Can you tell what's wrong?

They said they would employ me at the office.

Have you heard from your friend lately?


The building you see over there is an auto factory.

The student has already solved all the problems.

The moon was shining bright.

We have half a dozen eggs.

He doesn't come to work because he's ill.

Will you explain the last part in detail?

Man is part of nature.


How did you get into the house?

The lower a golf score is, the better.

You still haven't answered my question.

I think that you won't be able to do it.

Don't anybody leave this room.

You shouldn't drink so much coffee late at night.

I'm sorry I didn't call.

Check in the schedule when our train leaves.

Nevertheless, the topic is worth discussing.

Is this really necessary?

I'm dedicated.


The teacher patted me on the back.

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My old fashioned grandfather complains about the way girls are dressed nowadays.

This is a pretty view, isn't it?

Once you have a plan, you should keep to it.

Max had his wisdom teeth removed.

Everett wanted Amy to go.

Could you hand that to me?

I'm the one who rescued you.

Hurricanes usually occur in June.

The law is still in effect.

The colors of Italian flag are white, red and green.

I have things to attend to.

Do you think you can get this open?

The thought flashed through her mind that she was going to die.

The Secretary of State said he planned to resign.

I sure could go for a cup of coffee.

They should treat people with more respect.

To our surprise, she went to Brazil alone.

What are you doing staring at my girlfriend like that?

Roy, what are you doing up in that tree?

Paola got creamed.

Teresa is an eyewitness.

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I'm a bit hungry.

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The President's speech was calculated to ease world tensions.


That would be a waste of time.

It's been three years since the accident.

Let me worry about that.

When the police arrived, the thieves had disappeared.

What you're doing is so noisy that I can't hear what you're saying.

I've got to see it.

Those two boys are cousins.

He killed the mood last time with his jokes.

I don't understand what's happened to you, Chris. You're not the man I married.

This building is made of stone.

The ministry administers the internal affairs.

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You'll get used to living alone in a pinch.

He lay on the bed.

Some owlets are on the endangered species list.

I think that's great.

The reddish appearance of Mars is believed to be caused by an iron-rich soil.

It really happened.

This is getting embarrassing.

Take this or that.

Your dog is over there.

Why do you have that?

I'm fine, thank you.

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We're being called.

I am at home.

He's very touchy feely.

You should've told me about it sooner.

I can't really translate that, it is a very difficult text.

We're very happy together.

Why are you crying? It's just a movie!


I played video games after I finished my homework.

It's cold in Idaho in the winter.

I can't afford a car.

You deserve a salary hike.

If it tastes bad, spit it out.

I swear it was Leonard.

My little brother can read English.


I think it is cruel to trap animals for fur coats.


They're older than Pratapwant.

I like eating durian.

I wish Merat were still here.


The water has boiled away.

May I call on you again?

Lar said he couldn't do anything.


I suppose you have some ideas on how to handle this matter.


Loukas can't be fired.

Don't tell me it was really a demand for money from debt collectors?

The test was multiple choice.

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A tall man came up to me.


I saw the file.


I am looking for my friends.

But you cannot understand. How could you understand what it is to feel old?

Take my handkerchief.

Two streams of tears trickled down each cheek.

The eggs are incubated by the female for 20 days.

I have a lot of regrets.

Kamel bumped his head on the roof of the car.

The two adversaries in distance running are your competitors and the clock.

My mother has a red apron.

Why didn't you tell me about that earlier?

I've figured out the puzzle.

Betsy, we're your friends. You can tell us.

The best books are the ones you write yourself.