I've got another commitment this evening.

I want to kiss you goodbye.

If Grandma doesn't come, the children will be disappointed.

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To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached, is not in my nature. I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart.

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I didn't need to take an umbrella with me.

Ravindran is quite proficient, isn't he?

In the meantime you can just put on a sweater if you're cold.

Ramadoss has the habit of biting his nails.

You'll read it another day.

I thought Ofer was a veterinarian.

You have to get them to a doctor.


Though it was the original, Amsterdam, and York, were beaten by New York.

Connie admitted he used drugs.

Let's finish it right away.

If you are free, give me a hand.

I hope you behaved well at school today.

Should I go check it out?

Somebody could exchange a sheep or a horse, for example, for anything in the marketplace that they considered to be of equal value.

I've met the perfect woman.

There are many bones in your body.


Jared was my best friend when I was a kid.


Damone is walking down the corridor.

It is very careless of you to leave the door open.

Where do you know that from?

Your hands are shaking.

Postponed is not abandoned.

She had a happy time with them.

They traveled at night so no one would see them.

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I told you to stay away from Neal.

We have been to see her off.

He performed his duties faithfully.

Sometimes what we don't do is every bit as powerful as what we do.

I must pay a visit to the doctor tomorrow.

How much fabric do I need for a blouse like this?

Have as much fun as you can!

I must tell her that.

I am incomplete.

We should furnish enough food for sufferers.

In many African countries south of the Sahara, poverty exists.

I'll tell you when it's finished.

I just want to try new things.

Just give me a bit more time.

Let him go hungry.

What is your second question?

I never really trusted you.

The captain is responsible for the safety of passengers.

Laurent will not be amused.

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It would be wise of you to save money for a rainy day.

I'll make sure he doesn't escape justice.

You shouldn't be here now.

Eva told me he'd be late.

Every time I hear that song, I think of my childhood.


Is this the right window for cashing travelers' checks?

I am training to be a forwarding agent.

I bought this book at the book store in front of the station.

Are you in Bangladesh?

Lee has a small dog named Truman. I once thought it was because the dog was straightforward, like the former U.S. president. In fact, the dog's gold-and-black hair called to mind the colours of the Missouri football team, whose mascot is also named Truman.


She was always different from other children.

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I really like riding horses.

I didn't know which to take. I looked for a station attendant but didn't find one.

Everybody knew Varda was a negro, though he tried his best to conceal it.

There are a lot of mistakes in this translation.

Brandi and I haven't seen each other for a long time.

Writing French is more difficult than speaking it.

I believe in the sun even when it is not shining. I believe in love even when I do not feel it. I believe in God even when He is silent.

This world is but canvas to our imaginations.

The New Tokyo International Airport was opened in Narita.

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Adlai always does that for me.

I'm not sure if I already welcomed you to Tatoeba. So possibly for the second time: Welcome!

Miraculously, during the fourteenth century, Prague was spared from the Black Death.

I was out of breath and sat down.

Izchak is supposed to know how to do that.


Please stop crying.

I've told them all to come.

That little house looks just like the little house my grandmother lived in when she was a little girl, on a hill covered with daisies and apple trees growing around.


I was trying to be quiet.

There was no time left for explanation.

How old were you when you started studying French?

Kelvin would've called Judy if he'd had her phone number.

Theo knew better than to try to help Rich.


When I came to, I was in the hospital.

Why do we exist?

Dustin wants to learn some French songs.

He sharpened the knives.

I'm not sure this is the time.


I must excuse myself from the task, because I am unequal to it.

It might be dangerous.

Few things can compare to the joy on your child's face as they open their Christmas presents.

She took a table out.

Three days passed, four days passed. The wind blew once, it rained twice.

Think of all the things Laurianne could tell us.

What do you two usually talk about?


Genius is only one remove from insanity.


Jaime bragged about how well his son was doing at school.

The boy was admitted to the school.

I'm expecting a call.


I already believe it.

I'm in the other ambulance!

Please let me take a look at the menu.


Tell her I'm innocent.

I'm at loose ends since I finished my homework.

"... in other words, sex!?" "Geez, you don't beat around the bush!"

I enjoy a good hot-fudge sundae after church on Sundays.

It was Mr White that gave Joe this ticket.

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Barton insisted that I join him.

The current political situation is not very stable.

Steve would've done the same thing you did.

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You can rely on Ramiro.

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Mr Gardner of ABC Corporation is staying at the Marriott Hotel during Feb 20-27, and would like very much to meet with you.

Come and sit over here.

Merton didn't seem too enthusiastic.

Those children always get into trouble with their parents.

Labor is not merely a necessity but a pleasure.


What's their connection to him?


Victoria reached under his seat.

Here's what I'll do.

We were roused at daybreak by the whistle of a train.

I will do the best I can.

Last week I gained back five pounds.


She told him to try harder.


They were really cold.

I want to hear from you.

You must, above all, be faithful to your friends.

They're all fine.

We're just about ready to go.

It's all part of their strategy.

Fog has limited visibility to 100 meters.

This gift is from them.

Nuts are nutritious.

I suppose you think you're very clever.

Only some questions have answers.

He died quickly.

She insisted on my paying the bill.

We credit Peary with having discovered the North Pole.

Say what is in your heart.


I wonder if you really understand what I mean.

Page's room was a large one.

Karakorum is the early capital city of Mongolia.

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The plan was being discussed.


What do you want to study?

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I think we should go.

Nobody knows it's my birthday today.

I want him to be arrested.


Everyone was somewhat tired after the daylong flight.

Oh, while I remember, it seems that that was a bug that occurs when you use the comment field's 'letter-spacing' tag which adjusts the tracking.

I don't remember where I put my car keys.


The astonishing blow finished the match.

Is Shamim really going to Boston?

Can you throw that away for me?

His car shaved the wall of the tunnel.

She ignored me even when she met me on the street.

Werner isn't himself.

I don't think this food is fit to eat.

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He was looking for something in the dark.

People say something is cold even if it is at a relatively low temperature, especially compared to body temperature.

Hy doesn't want to wait any longer.

Ramadoss will be sleeping by the time we get there.

Stanislaw could use a little extra time to review for the upcoming test.


I'll wash the dishes once again.

I'm thinking of going into politics.

We had to start for America at short notice.


She moved away after having received death threats.

Computers are starting to get smarter than we are.

Why do you think Denis wanted to commit suicide?