Boston is a wonderful city.

Shall I carry your bag for you?

I'm not ready to retire yet.

I've been on the road since 2:30 this morning.

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Give me the key.

I was asked to look into the matter.

What's become of her?

Your parents must be so proud of you.

Jock could hardly breathe after the race.

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She held him tightly.

Digital cameras aren't as good as rudimentary cameras.

We have a train to catch.

There are a lot of roses in this garden.

Do you travel often?


I said I'd go.

Will he get well?

There are several ways to get in contact with other Tatoeba users or to get instant help.

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Juri has agreed to plead guilty.

Don't let them know that.

Graeme put on some lipstick.

I remember the word.

He wrote a fine preface to the play.


It you eat at that hour, you're going to get fat.

Courtney drove fast.

We hoped we'd be able to win the game.

I'm texting her.

I told her I agreed with her.

He was asking for it.

She introduced her sister to him.

Natraj made up his mind to become a newspaperman.

The heart and mystery of his philosophy was, to look upon the world as a gigantic practical joke; as something too absurd to be considered seriously, by any rational man.

What are some of your favorite TV shows?

Jesper cooperated with the police.

The cleaning staff is cleaning the men's bathroom.

I cooked dinner for her.

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These lemons are fresh.

You were lucky to be at the right place at the right time.

We are very interested in the history.

I couldn't make myself heard.

It's still rising.

Your boobs are excellent. I would like to put my face in them.

What causes this?

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I want to go swimming with a friend.

He has a name for cleverness.

Don't forget to count me in.

I don't get the joke.

White carpets are very hard to keep clean.

Where can I get one of those?

Do you mind if I turn on the radio?

It could be objective.

Mother left me a message.


A few miles from the Tontlawald was a large village, where dwelt a peasant who had recently married a young wife.

This is an elephant's tusk.

He sent a word that they had arrived safely.

The reason both brothers gave for remaining bachelors was that they couldn't support both airplanes and a wife.

I am in no small degree indebted to him.

I can't tell his twin sisters apart.

Between us, she was ill.

We know Jeremy did it.

Life is like a box of matches - treating it too seriously is stupid, whereas being careless with it is dangerous.

We have two spare rooms upstairs, neither of which has been used for years.

Gas is a little cheaper with self-service, now that deregulation is kicking in.


We just want to keep winning.

How are things in Boston?

Kusum crawled through the dog door.

Ernie improvised.

Japan is now very different from what it was twenty years ago.

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I know what you've been up to.

I got a pair of new shoes.

The best-known linguistic process with respect to the rejuvenation of Hebrew is the expansion of its vocabulary.

Time and thinking tame the strongest grief.

Alright, guys, let's do this!


Why is my bag empty?

Are you guys crying?

He is the very man that we've been looking for.


This all sounds great.


Mohammad was bludgeoned into paying the money.

Jenny thanked me for the gift.

Moore and Glynn both graduated from the same university.

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Everybody was thrilled by his story.


Jason lived in Boston for a long time.

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It'll be therapeutic.

Have you started studying for the exam?

I think we should lower the price.

What do you think of that?

Hugh might bleed to death if we don't get him to a hospital soon.


I almost got run over by a truck.


Man up!

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Srinivasan liked Saul right off.

Don't let children play in the road.

We'd never hire Christofer.

Columbus argued that the earth was round.

Put out your cigarette butts before throwing them away!

Sherri unintentionally expressed his feelings, but did not let me know what he was thinking.

Brender learned how to play golf while he was living in Australia.


She is an obstinate girl.

My new pair of shoes are made of leather.

I thought I dealt with it well.

Who is that person?

Do you remember this?

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What'll we do next?


It is surprising that he should have said such things of me.


I never really understood it myself.

You can let it slide with a "oh?" or you can take it seriously.

That is my school.

Edmond stared blankly into space.

Frederic has agreed to help us clean out the garage.

I never did anything important.

Do you want me to leave Son alone?

The class were divided in their opinion.

Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

How is that even possible?

My grandfather was wounded in the war.

How much freight did you carry last trip?

I'm getting an idea.

The beginning of a sentence starts with a capital letter.

I can't place her.

That's what I heard.

Business before pleasure.

It wouldn't take long for us to do that.

I'm not too upset anymore.

She had nothing else to do.

Are you waiting for her?


I never forget anything.

Danny turned on the light.

As the days passed, she loved the prince more fondly, and he loved her as he would love a little child, but it never came into his head to make her his wife.

Our Web site, will tell you all you need to know.

He is a good judge of horses.

We'll figure things out.

Sometimes we argue about things that don't matter that much.


The garden has been professionally laid out.

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Since he was tired, he went to bed.


Writers always have to have the last word.

Thank them for the help.

The circus has a wonderful collection of wild animals.


Why not try boxing?

I'm happy to do this for you.

The wagon was so closely packed with boys of all ages that it looked like a box of sardines.

I don't need to tell you again, do I?

Your first Japanese class will be tomorrow, isn't?

Would you like to get slapped?

She had never seen New York before.

Are you still alive, Sysko?

If, between pride and love, one chooses pride, can it then have been love?

Presley and Kelvin bought a car for their son.

I even tried writing a song about what happened.

Go is known as igo in Japan, weiqi in China and baduk in Korea.

Judy is always in a bad mood.

Did you speak to him today?

Terri is unpopular.


Juri has low self-esteem.


The situation was hopeless.

During our relationship we both said and did things we didn't mean.

You knew this would happen, didn't you?

We are puppets to the gods.

There is no reason for you to feel inferior to anyone.

I have put off my coat.

I find it odd that there isn't anyone on the street at this hour.

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Because of the victory, he became a hero.

Maybe we should wait until Jelske gets here.

Accessing foreign adult websites is illegal in certain parts of France.

Philip is either at home or at work.

I looked up the arrival time in the timetable.

I just proposed a new version.

I think I'd better help him.

Have you found what you want?

Am I supposed to answer that question now?

I do not read books.

My friend is really a clown.