I am a big fan of political correctness.


Sergei's unstoppable.


He lost his eyesight in that accident.

Bobby risked his life for us.

The reviewer is sharply critical of the novel.


There is nothing I can tell you about women that you don't know.


I wonder what this place was like three years ago.


Give me something difficult.

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You seem to know me, but I don't know you.

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Ten paper plates cost one dollar.


Someone threw a rock at him.

This is a lot of fun, isn't it?

Sundar clenched his hands tightly.

What would you like to do in the future?

I have never done this before.

Marshall got into another fight.

My opponent once signed into law a bill outlawing cute puppies. Can you really vote for such a person?

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I don't really want to pay that much for a new car.


She visited him once a year.


I'm going to work during the spring vacation.

How many people are currently working for you?

I want to clean the house before my parents come.


We can do it right this time.

Vidhyanath doesn't want to deal with this problem now.

There are twelve months in a year.

Harv lives three blocks from the beach.

Could you teach me some Vietnamese phrases, please!

He doesn't have the ability to manage that group.

I know I will win.


I allowed Gerald to kiss me.

What does Surya's new car look like?

We can't open this yet.

They had no other resource but to apologize.

I'm very worried about Suzanne.


Kate didn't want to go to the movie.

Everyone has been really supportive.

That wouldn't be Graeme, would it?

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Grave fears are held for Darin's safety.

I don't hate Knudsen exactly.

I would like to thank you for your cooperation.

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I'll tell her you dropped by.

I wasn't born knowing.

I won't let you treat me like a slave.

Micky doesn't know how deep the pool is.

The problem is that my son doesn't want to go to school.

She takes singing and dancing lessons, not to mention swimming and tennis lessons.

She redeems herself.


Jane always made out that she was very rich.


I like going fast.


Wait just a minute.

I'm planning on staying at Sedat's tomorrow night.

Some people, looking at the bright Sun, seek for stains only.

Animals were injected with the various doses.

Miss Italia is a really sad show.

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Phillip wants to see if Max likes his new song.

There's no way Jared could've done what you said he did.

I couldn't sleep at all.

Why do you ask that?

Someone's waiting in the lobby.


Let's get this party started.

He found one.

A puppet does not know that it is being controlled.


It'd be better to avoid her now, because she's violent.

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I suppose you know all about it.


The flood deposited a layer of mud.

I hope you come to my party.

I've asked him three times to take out the trash and he still hasn't done it!

How dare you speak about my husband in that disgusting way!

We'll do everything we can to help you.


We had quite a disagreement about it.


His success went to his head.

I'm at my wit's end.

You have to go talk to him.

We couldn't keep up with the rest of the group.

There's a skeleton choking on a crust of bread.


We don't want to keep Jack waiting.

The doctor told me not to eat too much.

Nothing is forever.

Why are you following us?

Suu informed the police about John's plan to rob the bank.

"Oh, if I were only as great a tree as the others!" sighed the little Fir.

When Jones looked down at the apple he was eating, he realized that he had eaten half a worm.

You don't even try to help me.

Bonnie said he couldn't remember anything.

How can I stop them?

Tears again welled up in his eyes, tears of indignation!

I was born in the year nineteen hundred and seventy-two.

The food at the party was really incredible.

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Soohong thinks he may be able to help you.


I can feel everything you feel.

She went to the museum by taxi.

I found it easy to fix the problem.

I wish we could have met under better circumstances.

Hey guys, we've got company!

I'll be here for a while.

Len left the door open a crack.


To tell the truth, this is how he escaped.


His bag was stolen yesterday.

I won't be coming to school anymore.

How do you explain it?


Have you been spying on me?

It's about to get better.

He came back last night around nine.

That must've been hard.

You gave me 30 days to finish this.


Jurevis knew.

I prefer spring to autumn.

Straka knew it was foolish to go out by himself after dark.

I wonder what Bryce was doing last night.

Sega used to make video game consoles a long time ago.

Jeannie turned a somersault.

A few people came to the lecture.

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I want you here tomorrow by 2:30.


All around the world, people were shocked.


It's pathetic.


I have to write a ten-page paper by next Monday.

We'll join you later.

Vernon is quite professional.

The only problem was that Robbin didn't really like Socorrito very much.

They want to see you.

Evelyn and I are here ot help.

His heart beat fast at the news.


That's always a big concern.

Unfortunately, that rumor is true.

Since his wife died, Steve has been mother and father in one to the children.

To poke someone in a wounded spot.

His life is in danger.


Why are they leaving?


I need to ask you something.

The courts administer the law.

We've got to act fast.

If you don't tell them, I will.

It would be wiser of you not to see him again.

A highly skilled shearer can shear a sheep in two to three minutes depending on the size and condition of the sheep.

They don't have anything in common at all.

It fell upon me to take care of my mother.

Which folder did you put the photos from the sports festival into?

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Maybe you know where my books are?

I took the cake out of the oven.

Somebody opened the door.

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This is your dog.


Two weeks went by.

They live in tents.

It's your problem now.

Much has changed in Boston since then.

He is washing the car.

The price did not enter into our consideration.

He got a hard box after a week.

Why don't you watch TV?

Don't let it end.

We're going to do as much as we can.

I went there to see her.

Mrs. Green taught me English.

I live in Parma.

Close your eyes and count to ten.

Kee said he didn't want a drink.