The man threw his flute into the lake.

When did you decide this?

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Present your idea clearly.

Catherine doesn't like to share things.

How did you make contact?

Pilar didn't mean any offense.

The show was wonderful, but the tickets were too expensive.

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Dan became depressed after Linda left him.


I'm not sure which is worse.

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I'm happy Vladimir liked it.

Tax and gratuity aren't included.

His book is very interesting.

I never realized how stressful this job would be.

Can anyone confirm your story?

It's exactly half-past eight.

That isn't him.


Actually, I simply read the Russian sentence with a Hebrew mind, and it's clear.

Where is Griff right now?

Please tell him I'm sorry.

They replaced the broken television with a new one.

I wouldn't mind helping him.

Since having given up smoking, I feel much better.

Jianyun is studying hard for his finals.


It was an object of terror.

I want to know about your country so much.

I read few books last week.

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With the weather getting worse, the departure was put off.

I have a loving family.

The contract doesn't yet have their signature.

That's what Roy wants to know.

This benefits no one.


That's an abuse of authority.

If she'd known the results, she'd have been shocked.

I've never needed a friend more than I do right now.

He put a crown on the king's head.

It's hard to handle crying babies.

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Why didn't you say it like that?

Are you flirting with me?

Please tell me you're not that naive.

Is tomorrow a holiday?

Did he get a receipt?

I graduated from high school when I was seventeen years old.

She was able to channel all that excess energy into her studies.

You have it in the bag.

I'll keep it for him.


I'd rather stay home with you.


He apologized to her for being late.

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He had lost all faith in his ability to succeed.

Can you make it in time?

It's gotten better.

I didn't know about your plan.

This is very good soil.

He ran through my manuscript.

We grew up together.

I will look after your child this evening.

I want to overcome the yesterday's number of sentences!

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There were flowers all around.

Just do what you've got to do.

She asked me to help her with the work.

Is this the real truth?

We carried out our mission successfully.

He climbed the stairs.

I was thinking I'd like to buy you a pair of earrings.

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The result was contrary to his expectations.

I want them to come with us.

Spencer gave me a nice Christmas present.

You must not park your car there without permission.

It's about time to leave.

Donn asked all the right questions.

He always leaves for work at 8:00 a.m.


Send it to me when you have time.

Sridhar doesn't want to share her toys with her friends.

I have been living here for three years.

Maybe Leif will give me a job.

Have you ever been up in a plane?


Please wait until 3:00. She'll be back then.

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It's only a three-hour flight.


I asked Shatter where he got that.

Oleg had always wanted to be a nurse.

This is the church where we got married.


However, you can't smoke inside.

I think Alfred is exaggerating a little.

The geologist climbed into the limo.


Can I see that credit card?

She and I were in the same class in middle school.

It is like the relationship between a boy and his dad.

I'm not sure when he'll come back.

"Automobile" is a hybrid word.


That's what had me puzzled.

Sanity walked past Jon without even noticing her.

Her voice was sour.

You never seem to eat very much.

She spent most of the day at the hospital.

This car has a cigarette lighter.

I'm pretty sure Lorenzo can swim.

My brother has lived in England for more than thirty years.

In September, 1929, stock prices stopped rising.

Do you plan on moving?

All communication is translation.

I have a brand new pair of socks.

What a lovely doll!

She has got the prettiest buttocks I've ever seen.

Can you get us out of this?

The bridge was destroyed by a giant robot.

It was cowardly, and I'm sorry.

I would proudly carry the title of nerd.

Where the fuck her hand is going?


So be it!

Why aren't you with Lori?

He will be here soon.

You will do exactly as I say.

Were you able to get the dishwasher to work?

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This key admits to his room.

Huashi and Margaret seem to argue all the time.

We all have choices.

Ruth sat facing Roxanne.

Tony looked at Dylan in the mirror.


What is his wife like?

There is much water in the pond today.

Mahmoud is a real friend.

I'm here for the card game.

I visited Boston.


The above articles are a small sample of public information regarding the abortifacient nature of most so-called contraception birth control.


I'm ashamed of what my fellow professionals and I have done during the past.


My eyes are red.

Do you look your age?

My sister is not a good cook, and neither am I.

Put your boots on.

The social worker was asked to follow up the information about the Stevenson family.

I've never been to an election before.

God blesses those who curb their tongue.

Rik's boss is a stuffed shirt, who's very awkward in social situations.

What is the largest organ in the human body? The answer may surprise you.


We're behind on schedule.

Religion is the outcome of human weakness or the limitation of human knowledge.

She loved him and he loved her.

Cars are expensive.

Has Jisheng returned?

Rajesh isn't good at keeping secrets.

The results were not definitive, but I'm sure the DNA's a match.


Did you go out last night?


There's a lovely view from the bridge.


She uploaded a video.

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What have you got against Jane?

They elected her to be the mayor.

My television is broken.

Daren used to go out with Tahsin.

I'm sure of his success.

The problem is that Tony doesn't want to sit near Joon.

Don't wait for us.


Yesterday, I bought ten new pairs of ankle socks.

You're always tired.

Jin is expecting a baby in October.

Tomorrow I'll turn 28.

From now on, there is no reason to worry any more.

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What exactly are your symptoms?


Let's go for a ride.

They opened up their wedding album and had a little stroll down memory lane.

Rudy was looking at some girls in bikinis.

They fished the stream for trout.

Gary is irritating because he always has to have the last word in any argument.

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You haven't changed a bit.


Renu is already married.