He's already married.

It was not until a few days later that we heard the sad news.

They liked to play in the snow.

Ichiro is an outstanding baseball player.

The dentist put in a temporary filling.

It's very humid, isn't it?

Tell me that didn't just happen.

Please continue eating. Don't worry about me.

You hurt my feelings.

Huey thinks I'm too young.

I asked Lloyd to come see me.

We met them by accident by the bus terminal.

The rain is wonderful.

Would you mind if I told him?

We're going to go camping with Guido and Patrice.

It took him a moment to realize where he was after he came to.


I am very anxious to know why he did such a thing.


I don't blame Miriam for his decision.

It happens occasionally.

Sharon never threw away anything that he thought he might be able to use sometime.

Life consists of rain and sunshine, of snow and heat, of thunder and lightning, and of winter and summer.

You can't run away from me now.

You know that eventually everybody's going to know about this.

We're counting on you to be the life of the party. It'll bomb if you don't come.

It's not believable.

The appropriate age for marriage is around eighteen for girls and thirty-seven for men.

Shareholders voted to liquidate the company's assets.

Everyone is here to see you, Murph.

I'm not interested in your excuses.

I get dizzy spells when I stand up.

They won the silver medal.

Don't speak unless you're spoken to.

What a nice day it is!

What an odd expression!

How long has Tao lived here?

Last summer, I always took a walk in the morning.

Please explain the rule to me.

Thank you very much for your generosity.

Oceans are expected to rise by 50 centimeters by the end of the next century.

I'm not going to fight with you anymore.


It is going to be rather cold.


Dan and Linda weren't even engaged.

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I have to find a new job.


It's not that he can't run fast.

It's a single-cell organism.

He denies nothing to his children.

The man gave a big cry.

I'm surprised that you didn't know that Lievaart got into Harvard.

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You told Lewis you wanted to go with us, didn't you?

I think that's why Collin doesn't have any friends.

It's true that she knows a lot about cooking, but she isn't a good cook.


Maybe we're both mistaken.

Mother stays at home every day.

I don't want Sundar's help.

I had met him once before.

If two people are in agreement, one of them is unnecessary.

We just have to put the finishing touches to the work, and it will be ready to be delivered.

You can fix all this.


I wish you had called thirty minutes ago.

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For example, it is 7:00 a.m. in London now.

He knows how to paint houses.

It was very cold, so we stayed at home.

You can't go back there.

How far is it to New York?

He spends too much money.

Are your parents in now?


Jagath wanted to go to the beach with Rathnakumar.

Do you have any news?

She always carries a charm against evil.

Changes are taking place.

The headlight doesn't work.


We were engaged.


Clem didn't take it.

Charlie will eventually give in, I think.

I think insurance will cover it.

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Dang! I've lost my job!


The only fish Manavendra likes to eat is salmon.


Is French hard to learn?

Size 9, I think.

You said you wanted adventure.


I came as soon as I could.

The plane will arrive at the airport thirty minutes late.

Could you help me out a little?

The accused is innocent until proven guilty.

I suspect they're all gone.

I have my own house.

No doubt he will pass the examination.


James and Nate had to cancel their trip to Australia.


I guess Kanthan thought it was too late to come visit.

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All the parking spots were taken.

Irfan is a good friend of Marie.

I told Stanley a lot of things that Jimmy didn't want me to tell him.


That's a good story. The only problem is that it's not true.

To prevent hijacks, all carry-on baggage is carefully inspected.

Ritalynne began his speech with a joke.

Can I eat my lunch here?

I'd like to go sledding.


That's not changing.


It has to be there.

Everything seems in order.

Who can one trust ?

That's what I'm here about.

There aren't any fish in this pond.

I just want to make sure Les is all right.

Martin has been so good.

I think I saw an elf in the forest.

Let's hope Ethan isn't dead.

I don't think it's serious - but I thought I'd stop by.

Kemal helped Vivek wash the windows.


You won't hurt Murray, will you?

I'll take over your duties.

I just got home.

Along with thousands of others, he fled the country.

I swept the kitchen floor.


People with physical disabilities abhor being pitied.

Mark's foolery is already making Rosa sick.

I made a deal with him.

A friend told me about Tatoeba.

Oceans do not so much divide the world as unite it.

I'm not a member.

I took the most important events from the chronology of information science and wrote a few words about each one.

Dan gave Linda an ultimatum.

That place is open to everybody.


The coat she said she wanted was extremely expensive.

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In 1986, Sally Ride published a children's book titled To Space and Back.

I have a throbbing headache.

I want you out here.

That garage has room for two automobiles.

I was forced to lie.

My computer's acting up.

Even a child can read this.

I'll teach you to do that again.

OK, Franklin, let's get moving.


The magazine revealed all his dirty secrets.

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We used to visit my grandparents every weekend when I was a kid.

He gave a detailed description of the accident.

You've made me feel a lot better.

Mum is home.

Now there came a time when it became necessary for the merchant to leave his home and to travel to a distant Tsardom. He bade farewell to his wife and her two daughters, kissed Vasilissa and gave her his blessing and departed, bidding them say a prayer each day for his safe return.

I'd like to give you something.

Tran is afraid because he doesn't understand what's going on.


This could be dangerous.


It does not become you to complain.

The author's name is familiar to us.

Your brothers are the best in the school.

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I usually get up at seven and go to bed at eleven except on Sundays.

I don't have a friend with whom I can talk about this.

I don't understand this novel's plot.

It still happens.

I've kept my weight down even though many of my friends have gained weight as they've grown older.

You'll ask him, won't you?

Why do you think Sanand came to see you?

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Everything has a price, the good being more expensive than the bad.

Japan is rich in beautiful scenery.

He broke his leg skiing.

Vern is right over there.

I have looked everywhere, but I can not find my wallet.


The British defeated the French in North America in 1763.

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I can't fit into those clothes anymore.

There was no need for you to kill Tad.

I have not seen my parents in a long time, my boss has sent me to England for a business trip, I'll use the opportunity to visit my parents.

Don't let the price bother you!

He is twelve years old. He is tall for his age.


Is that why you did this?