You always excuse your faults by blaming others.

Does Roy want to see it?

Ruth explained the details to Courtney.

As a matter of fact, I take little notice of girls.

At least you have options.

Alf ran into the classroom.


Every road leads to the end of the world.

He emptied the container of its contents.

I don't think it's a difficult decision.


I was very happy to see you at the offline-party.


My income and expenses aren't balanced.

I have no idea where he has been going.

I've learned to trust them.

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The 5th May is Children's Day.

My brother seems to enjoy himself at college.

He is reasonable in his demands.

I saw Margie come out of the library.

Ten years ago, such business would have been a success.

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Tell Lori we're busy.

I can't believe Jelske is really that upset.

I haven't actually shot anyone yet.

Herbert came here to study French.

Barbra went to Novo's funeral.


The boys are still playing in the sandbox.


Do you have a pass?

Cristi has gone home.

Fido, do you want a treat?


Mohammad seems to be about to ask another question.

Guillermo is the principal of a high school.

The articles of incorporation have finally been completed for our Digital Groove Club.

Is it raining now?

We can't just ignore what King told us to do.

He's totally dependent on his parents.

That doesn't make it clear at all whether you're for it or against it.


The government should do away with those old regulations.

Good eating habits are essential.

In general, Susie is a nice student.

Soohong married Victoria without her parents' consent.

Japan's climate is temperate.

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How are you going? I haven't seen you for a long time.

I shouldn't really be here.

We don't know how to find Derek.

Open the box.

A circus is visiting the town.


Both Izumi and Sandy's resignations were announced Monday.

I think we have a lot in common.

He has nothing to do here.

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It looks like I was right about Joel not showing up for the meeting.

I haven't told anyone anything.

He must have seen us.


We use computers to solve problems and to put information in order.

We could all learn something from him.

It smells like something is burning in the kitchen.


I don't know what, but I felt in my heart something that gives me the chills.

Jack collects stamps.

I'm going to go take a nap.

He was accustomed to sitting up late.

Masanao is sitting.


Rand has good manners.


I've got to speak to her.

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She bought him a dog, but he was allergic to dogs, so they had to get rid of it.

The cancer has spread to her stomach.

I could read between the lines that he wanted me to resign.

This should keep Ned busy for a while.

I told you it was going to be cold here.


Leo didn't watch much television when he was younger.

They are constantly trying to outdo each other.

Manny warned me to stay away from Wilmer.

We will accept nothing less than full Victory! Good luck!

Students don't raise their hands much.

It's well worth the trouble.

People are judged by their skin colour.

I'm spending my holiday on the beach.

You're from Boston, aren't you?

I doubt if he will succeed.

The arrival of the troops led to more violence.

You should have warned him before.

Nothing scares them.

It seemed strange.

Roland lied to Hunter about where he'd been.

Where is Murthy anyway?

Say some sensible words. If no one is nearby to hear them, say them to yourself.

You will be able to see her tomorrow.

Martyn is expressionless.

You can just call me Taro.

Martin knows how to make good use of his time.

Dan didn't even show his hands.

You find it in any dictionary.


Don't let them into this room.

I speak Korean.

It's time to be going.

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Prakash dresses like a cowboy.

Marc didn't seem too disappointed.

Merat made no reply.

I can't control him.

If you want to go, we'll go.

I'm not scared of you anymore.

There's nothing to negotiate.

Cease fire!

He looked around the room.

She will be seventeen years old next February.

His observation is sharp, but he says very little.

Vickie offered me a cookie, but I refused.

Can you tell me how long Jesus has had this?

A fire broke out on the second floor of the building.

Who would want them dead?

Daryl is probably more interested in Pat than you are.

I bet you're busy.


I am standing in front of a crowd in my underwear.

Pottery usually appears in a culture after the advent of agriculture.

Corals can live for thousands of years.


Don't dismiss any possibility.

Liber hasn't been replaced.

The baby looked just like her mother.


I think all fat people should go on a diet.

This is good meat.

Some men can't handle women in positions of power.

You may change your mind in a couple of weeks.

Lui couldn't forget Mario even if he wanted to.

Dan didn't know where Linda was heading, but followed her anyway.

You need not have woken me up.

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I don't think Kit has ever seen this before.

What to say is more important than how to say it.

Our plane landed in Boston just before the storm hit.

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Not only did he teach school, but he wrote novels.


Damone is eating a sandwich in the lunchroom.

I want to learn how to play football.

My leaving early made them feel sorry.


You've got my goggles.

I won't be easy to beat.

She began to cry in a loud voice.

People who do not have health plans should wait long to be attended.

You can't go alone.

The last leaf of this book is missing.

Let's add ambiguous sentences more often.

Tad didn't even say goodbye.

He laid himself on the bed.

You talk about him too much.

I had an artificial insemination with sperm from my husband.

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I'm just teasing.

I am having a good time.

I know what I'd like to believe.

Mike always wants to try something new.

The Yosemite national park is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


I had hoped to finish it yesterday.


How much is the whole package?

Israel is in the back yard.

I don't see a problem with that.

He had his younger sister help him paint the wall of his room.

If she knows it's me who sent her the present, she's not going to accept it.

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I thought Celia might be the one responsible for the problem.


They asked Lincoln to make a victory speech.


That wasn't very nice.

Raphael probably thought I was angry.

The whole family is enjoying good health.


From his point of view he's right.

Please listen carefully.

She comes from one of the town's most respected families.

He was all alone in the house.

I am sure that he is an honest man.

The sun is yellow.

We've got to fill this hole with something.

You don't have to help.

This is a medical emergency.


I can't stand that guy.