I don't think you would do that.

I write every evening.

She's just like you.

How old were you when your family moved to Boston?


I don't feel like studying at all tonight.

There's no giving up.

My wife is cooking.

Albert has the back door of his house nailed shut.

Ernest and Joon are probably Canadians.

Plastic left work early, complaining of a headache.

I'm not the one who hurt them.

I couldn't help admiring him.

Tobias eventually confessed.


We wish we didn't have to take a test in English.

After ten days I'll go to Rome.

While staying in Paris, I happened to meet him.

His wooden instruments were primitive even for his time.

This party is an intimate gathering.

Noemi usually only eats two meals a day.

Do you like comic books?

Granville plays tennis after school three days a week.

He made little of his illness.

No one knows how to think, but everyone's got an opinion ready.

The interview began at 10 o'clock.

We won't let you see them.

She wants a serious relationship.


Maybe we should tell somebody.

We deserve these politicians.

Yeah, I just stepped on your foot. What are you going to do about it?


Are we done with this job?

Any member of the University has right to use the library services showing personal identification card or university badge.

Donal kept crying all night.

I have to iron this dress before putting it on.

What happens if Raj doesn't pass?

You might want to talk to them.

Where did you shake hands with them?


Alain sensed a tension between John and Ami.

If I take the train today, tomorrow I'll already be in Beijing.

For every ten m.p.h of speed you should allow one car-length of space between you and the car in front.

Art knocked on the door.

He keeps a ferret as a pet.

I will write to you.

There is little, if any, of such distribution of control.

There's no need to speak so loud.

He walked to and fro on the stage.

America did away with slavery in 1863.

Jesse is John's twin brother.


Keep them inside.

This lesson is cancelled tomorrow.

There's a woman waiting to see you.

This book belongs to the school library.

A stranger inquired about the way to the station.


Wendy will get himself killed if he's not more careful.


I don't know whether you are telling the truth or not.

His English is not bad, seeing that he has studied for only two years.

You must concentrate your attention on what you are doing.

Don't be ashamed of who you are.

Does Alejandro want to go to the zoo with us?

It will have been raining for a week if it does not stop tomorrow.

He is a farmer.

Do you think Guillermo is satisfied?

Rodney does everything for us.


It's very obvious that Kathleen likes me.

Wait right here.

How did you learn that Adam wasn't living in Boston?

Flower arrangement is a part of Japanese culture.

I can see how that might be annoying.

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What's all that for?

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We don't have very much time to finish this.

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Weakness brought on by a number of respiratory ailments had forced him just last week to announce that he was giving up his conducting career.

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French is hard to learn.

We need some money.

Maybe I accidentally damaged it.

It's high time you got married and settled down.

My internet connection is slow.

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Kee, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Could you dial for me? The telephone is too high.

Are you free tonight?


Rich got wounded in the battle.

I had a tough day.

Are you going to sing here?

God wills it.

I'm not the only one who feels this way.


He's a tough-minded owner.


I'm going to visit Boston next summer.

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You will always be in my heart.

The gentleman or lady with the number 47 will please come to counter 3.

I certainly had no idea Donnie was thinking about getting divorced.

If you need a dictionary, I'll lend you an old one that I have.

I'll send them a postcard.


Hugh knows what he wants to say to Brender.


The slaves rebelled against their masters.

You and I must stick close, back to back.

The investigation was incomplete.

You don't need to bring up "A Winter Sonata" to show that South Korean culture is having an unexpected boom in Japan.

Could you please tell me who you are?

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How can you help me?

He lives just across the road.

He gave me a lecture on drinking.

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I didn't know it was a big deal.

I don't consider myself to be good-looking.

Her kindness gave me a lump in my throat.

Slow down, Edmund! Where's the fire?

Tatoeba: Ever heard of sentence fights? Yeah, that's what we do for fun.

He is something of a celebrity.

Oh, come on! You gotta at least spend the night. We haven't seen you for so long.


Pablo came by himself.

Let's do this first.

Do you like playing sports?

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He expected that their talk was going to be long.


She accompanied her words with gestures.


To be or not to be.

He wanted to know what happened.

I am sorry that I have troubled you so much.


I forgot that I was supposed to be there yesterday.

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It isn't easy to memorize dates.

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"Why aren't you coming?" "Because I don't want to."

I'll say it one more time.

Wait until all the facts in the case are known.


What's Naren doing out of jail?


Do you have a menu in English?

Does Iceland still need a distinct language from the one it officially sings ?

My opinion is irrelevant.


Kiki overheard Rajeev arguing with John.


My mother only had two children at the time.

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Turn off your cell phone, please.

Kusum has the information you need.

We've run out of time.

Hotta finished far behind, in last place.

Bruno is off to a great start.

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Nguyen is a fantastic cook.

Is it only about money?

My grandfather was part Indian.

Bears also tend to sleep more during the day than at night, although in the summer, with twenty-four hours of light, this does not apply.

When a woman is murdered, the husband or boyfriend is always the number one suspect.

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I put my watch in for repair.

I had a hasty breakfast and left home.

I don't want to fire you.

Since he was injured in an accident, he could no longer walk.

The future subjunctive mode in the Portuguese language is strictly connected to conditional sentences.

You will drop it this time.

I'll try to keep up with you.

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Meditation helps downshifting more easily after work and sleeping better at night.

I said leave Scot alone.

John stamped the check.

He did that for his sister.

I don't want you touching my stuff.

I'm still not sure what you mean by that.

Kemal forgot to turn off the stove.

I don't like to sing in public.

Have you been speaking Italian?

Don't let him down.

I am to pick him up at five.

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Bret answered Tricia's question.

It has to happen. There's no avoiding it.

Alison looks absolutely horrified.


No, I'm not mad at you, I'm just disappointed.

They've waited for you.

At first, he seemed like the perfect guy.


Herb and I'll both be there.