Now And How By Melorra


A symbol of good fortune, good vibes and good energy, bangles have been an imperative part of the Indian culture. And they’re not just the talk of the past! Showing off a whole new side, bangles are taking a modern twist! And we’re its happy helper. Did you know that the sound of bangles was said to keep the unwanted negative energy at bay? A jingling that we heard on our mother’s arms, it’s a sound that we’re all quite familiar with. Originating from the Mohenjo-Daro civilization, bangles have been around for centuries in varying materials like wood, beads, glass and even seashells. Depicted in numerous sculptors, they have been constant in the accessories department. And for good measure. As per Ayurveda, the friction of gold and silver bangles on women’s wrist were considered to toughen up their bones! Becoming a global spectacle, bangles have now been adopted by Western culture…