I came across this book in a secondhand bookstore.

Tanya crochets lace every night.

If Jane's mother were in Japan, I could invite her to the Doll's Festival.

Let me have the novel when you have done with it.


Great as is the sensuous beauty of gems, their rarity and price adds an expression of distinction to them, which they would never have if they were cheap.

The child was completely lacking in discipline.

Milk doesn't last long in warm weather.

What do you really think of Mark?

He started singing.

I was bored, so I fell asleep.

Are we sure of it?

Handsome is that handsome does.

Where does he practice law?

We can still be friends.

I like eating pineapple for breakfast.


The subway in London is known as "the Tube."

She looks very elegant.

Does the soup taste good?


Spyros and Gypsy became lifelong friends.


That simply isn't true.


Piotr is getting impatient with Molly.

Someone broke my camera.

We have no idea how it happened.


The dog knew its master.

It's not as though we were enemies at each other's throat.

We expect Naren to come back soon.

He backed us up during that incident.

Come on down here.

I haven't talked to anyone but Sundar today.

Who was writing on the wall?


Today's a school day. I'd better make sure not to be late ...


I wasn't working.


I eat Japanese food.


Welcome to Wikipedia.

With animals I wish to live my life; they're such great companions!

I only shot four bull's-eyes yesterday.

The gum's ten cents.

I feel better.

He made up a story about the king.

The president is a down-to-earth kind of man.


Cooking is my secret passion.

She cooked vegetable soup last night.

Only as I stood in front of the shop, I realized that it was already closed.

You really shouldn't bother to do that.

Don't tase me, bro!


Come what may, the mail will get delivered.

We calculated that we could reach the place within two weeks.

You must have women throwing themselves at you all the time.

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I don't want to have to listen to Stanley sing that song again.


I think I hear something.

Brad has quite a library.

Kevan says he's fine.

She got ready for lunch.

"You pig! Fucking traitor!", yells Lievaart.

The boy is playing with his toy soldiers.

Have a satsuma for dessert.


My guess is that Pratap isn't having much fun.

She is a young woman, pretty and smiling, like we would like to meet more often.

Do you have a five-pound note?


Price isn't trying to impress anyone.

Don't waste your time thinking about it.

Sue told me I couldn't even tell Ozan.

And open your textbook at page ten.

Let's go and take a look.

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They're coming for me.


His story puts me in mind of my past days.

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Let's finish up in a hurry.

I think you'll have to help us.

I share everything with her.

They really know how to throw a party!

Michiel and I, who are twins, used to amuse ourselves by exchanging identities and fooling everyone.


We were having lunch.


He grew a beard while he was on holiday.

She calls me often.

You pay us every week.

The berries I ate gave me an upset stomach.

I like your work.

She went so far as to call him a fool.

Vick left the party early.


Australia is about twenty times as large as Japan.

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It's too cold in here for me.

Val is an ambitious young man.

I certainly hope you're planning to come to my party.

You should make sure that you get there on time. Nathan won't wait more than ten minutes if you are late.

Would you care for a piece of pie?

Earle went to the barber shop.

Do you like giving haircuts?

Roll the ball to me.

I have a vague recollection.

What does she want?

I think she will succeed.

No, I will go by bus.

She was busy with the housework.

Tanaka says he already knows how to do that.

It seems that in Japan too, electric taxis will be operated by robots.


Bill is not as tall as you.

Money is the new god.

Dan was fatter three years ago than he is now.

I want us to be ready.

This sewage outlet is no longer in use.

We were so tired that we turned in about 9:00 last night.

Something made them angry.

Jenine is hurt, but he'll be fine.

I got it practically for free.


The shoemaker said the shoes were too old to repair.

He used to live here.

I know you have homework to do.


That is surely an idea.

This beer's taste is unique.

She sent me the enclosed check.

He laid out this garden.

The airplane is scheduled to arrive at Honolulu tomorrow morning.

She stayed in the house all day.

Jerry has a younger brother.

The faithful believe that this relic is imbued with healing properties.

The cook is guilty.


The news turned out to be true.

I thought I was going to see Lawrence, not you.

You're after Sharan.

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Clarissa knows I borrowed the money from Mongo.

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He is a diamond in the rough.


It helps us in times of difficulty.

I really like riding motorcycles.

He has just as many books as his father does.

She spends a major part of her income on food.

Mr. President, my name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.


The author has a beautiful style.


How are we going to get by?


This is the first time I've ever mentioned Marika.

My brother is evil.

He doesn't seem to be heading for the town.

I just had a talk with Liber.

"Good enough" is not good enough for me.

I suggest you keep that to yourself.

I'm in the middle of a meeting.

How are you going to pay for this?

The little girl did nothing but cry.

"Car" is a synonym of "automobile".

This is a plant of the species Schlumbergera truncata.


I traveled all through France.

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Please read after me.


I wonder which of you will win.

Fuel economy is a big advantage of this car.

He's a few years younger than I am.

He is sure of success.

He comes from a small but wealthy town.


You're the one who's tone deaf.

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The guilty left hints everywhere.


Are you polite?

Empty vessels make the most sound.

I cannot make out the meaning of this sentence.


Surrounded by his children, he began his story.

When did Richard get married?

Women didn't have the right to vote.


As I told you earlier, I can't help you.

He is so crazy about jazz that he often forgets himself.

There was no reason to stay.


Unable to accomplish the task by himself, he turned to me for help.