I'm sure List understands this.

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Does this look familiar to you?

Bonnie tried to muster a smile.

Did Wendy say why he was fired?

I am not in the humor for working hard today.

Ah, that reminds me of the old days!

Don't raise your voice at me.

I asked them to come with me.

I've got something for them.

Norman struggled to walk again after the accident.

Gill was intrigued by the idea.

Louise closed one eye.

Alpha, beta and gamma are Greek letters.

Trey ate a light lunch before working out.

It was morning. There was the smell of coffee and the ground was covered with frost.

You won't have to work overtime today.

One of the main products of this country is coffee.

She likes to take her time.

He's intelligent, but lazy.

She cannot stand what her husband does.

Do you know where my watch is?

Let Doug carry it.

We look up to him.

You mustn't keep a lady waiting.


That's very childish.

We should go inside the house.

Who can tell the difference?

We bought it in Boston.

I majored in literature at the university.

Avoid them completely!

Why would Sylvan need to do that?

That may not happen.

It snowed last night.

Do you love nature?

The police arrested us.

Please tell her to hurry up.

Matt sent Toft a text message telling her he wanted to break up with her.

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Why didn't you tell this to the police?

Amarth grew more agitated.

The divorce left the man with emotional wounds.

I can't find my suitcase.

She is a stranger to me.


I'm sure you and Charlie will be very happy.

I didn't expect help.

What is the main industry in this town?

Emi gave her seat to a handicapped man.

I don't like juice with pulp or seeds.

Hasn't Lin been married before?

The curtain fell amid the wild applause of the audience.

Brett says he wasn't here.

Bernie told me not to go there by myself.

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No one who owns a pet is allowed to live in this apartment building.


Lynnette is one of my technicians.


Ramanan didn't talk to Rod at the party.

I can't think of any place I'd rather be.

We need time to prepare the list.

He's in danger.

You should not judge a person by his clothes.


I thought Stevan would be too busy to help us.

She is in her hotel now.

Do you know anyone who hums while they work?

My band name's Red Hot.

Bert is excited about his job.

Just do the best you can.

Chocolate makes Monday a little bit bearable.

Nhan ate all of Tad's yoghurt, but replaced it with the wrong brand.

I have to return some books to the library.


He has a persecution complex.

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Hillel, Maria! Come downstairs kids, food's ready!

This problem is too difficult for you to solve.

There was thin ice on the lake.


Glynn is obviously lying.

The main reason for holding a baby shower is to get gifts for the soon-to-be-born baby.

The two men were seen to steal into the house.

You should be thankful that you're alive.

When is the next train for Boston?

Everyone liked them.

The politician stirred up the workers.

Please ask Lonhyn to come here and help us fill out these forms.

I'm sure everything will be OK.

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Thanks for the safety tip.

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That doesn't exist except in your imagination.

I need time to think about it.

It isn't easy to memorize dates.

If you believe in God,neither superstitious ill deed nor well deed will affect you

Orville punched a hole in the wall after his team lost the grand final.

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Prices vary with each store, so do your shopping wisely.

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Rudolf doesn't like the music I listen to.


Why do I even care?

I bought a dozen pencils today.

What's your favorite weapon?


I share everything with her.

The railroad divides into two after the bridge.

The general said to the brave man, "You deserve a medal."


Amir's girlfriend is three years younger than he is.


Kenton has always looked after his cars fastidiously.

Where's my other sock?

Don't walk so quickly. I can't keep up.

If one does not have a hobby, his life may be desolate.

Bill has no sense of adventure.

It wouldn't be bad if you come as well.

The damage of the typhoon spread over several prefectures.


I wouldn't think of it.


When did you arrive? Did you arrive today?


Kombucha is produced by a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, or SCOBY.

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Rees took Oscar's empty glass from her hand and refilled it.

To see her smile, you would be charmed.

I didn't want to go to your wedding.


Thanks for your contribution.

Diligence is absent from his character.

I have done a good job.

On examination the jewel proved to be an imitation.

Rodent is not a busy person.

I will never do it again.

Sharan called me a cab.

Welcome to Tatoeba, my friend.

We can't reveal classified information.


Turn off the water!

"Might you happen to be Mr. Ogawa?" "Well, yes ... can I help you?"

Joni and Shankar couldn't find an empty picnic table.


So, are you just going to do nothing?

You don't give orders here.

Did you practise the harp this morning?

There's a dictionary on the desk.

Inform your father of my arrival.

I solved the mystery.

Genius must be born, and never can be taught.

With regard to your letter of July 22nd, I enclose our most recent catalogue.

You smoke too much. Don't smoke so much!

I was a member.

Let's follow him.

According to functionalist theory, acne outbreaks provide a necessary limit on the number of prom attendees.

You know many interesting places, don't you?

She wipes the bar after every customer.

I cannot read the thick book in a week.

Can you cook a meal?

I don't even want to think about it.

All major economies must step up to the plate if we are to avoid the dangerous consequences of climate change.

I want a roll of color film for prints.

Now, there's something you don't see every day.

Where did you two first meet?

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In the meantime, outside the palace walls, the poor White Duck swam up and down the pond.

I moved to the neighborhood about two years ago.

You close your eyes.


Will you look after my dog while I'm out?


It's too complicated.

We drew lots to decide who would go first at the early morning reception desk.

Everyone is silent.

Do you hear something?

gradual changes take place in our city every year

I think Trent will be interested.

He has two classes in the morning and one in the afternoon.

She's playing Monopoly.

We were surprised by his behaviour.


Joanne never really trusted Niels.

Okay, let's get down to the basics.

I really don't know why that happened.

Do you want to stay here all week?

There's something there.

I'm at a loss for any advice to you.

I think you know how I feel about you.

His mother was very superstitious.

Just about everybody sat down.

Mountains in the ocean and even whole ranges are still being discovered, and most of them have not yet been explored in detail.

It's great that you were able to achieve your goals.


Spyros looked a little uncomfortable.

Bea has a sore knee.

We have to close the window.