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He is not old enough to vote.


Given the lovely smell, there's no doubting that lunch is ready.

The same holds true for Germany.

Let's get Warren something useful for Christmas.

Dan didn't even recognize Linda.

I think I did that.

Would you be friends with me?

Don't bring any money to the party; just bring yourself.


Shakespeare's plays are full of anachronisms.

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He is nasty.

He's a wanker.

I'm kind of excited, too.

I'd appreciate it if you'd wait a little while longer.

It's not really food.

This is only a symptom of a deeper problem.

If you think it'll make you happy, go ahead and do it.

Matthias's not finished.

The President died unexpectedly.


We're made for each other.


You know why I'm here, don't you?

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We need to turn back.

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Where is a Chinese restaurant?

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The announcer called for attention.

I need information about what happened.

These are all quotations from the Bible.


Wilson will show you how to do it.


That was difficult.

Raul believes Sylvan.

A computer is a complex machine.

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Doctors and nurses must preserve life at all costs.

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Let's wait for another 5 minutes.

Have you started learning English?

Fred told his wife about the goals that he wanted to accomplish.

Why don't we just be on our way?

We introduced ourselves to each other.

He looked around.

Who was I trying to fool when I cut that slice of pizza in half?

Are you going to go with Suzanne?

There were three empty wine bottles on the table.

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Hackers are adept at getting around computer security measures.

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The abolition of slavery in Europe eventually reached the American continent.

You looked like you were afraid.

I shouldn't have lied to Kent.


I can't help but wonder if Jared will be at school tomorrow.

I left the window open all through the night.

When you think things cannot possibly get worse, that's when I show up.

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His notion of welfare is pretty abstract.


It's hard to surprise him.

I told her what you did.

I often went fishing with him.

He acted strangely.

Vernon doesn't like coffee.

Meg agreed to Ken's plan.

How can you help her?

Don't come so early next time.

Joyce arrived just this morning.

Thank you for being so cooperative.

You need to sit down and rest.


The bed was too short.

Papiamento is an official language in Aruba.

On Purim people eat Haman's Ears.

I'm going to do something by myself for a while.

There's usually someone here.

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Elsa was beat to a pulp by his father.

Should I close?

Do you have anything to do today?


It's about five miles.


Take the leftover food home with you.

Prakash is anxious to go with you.

Manny brought Kayvan's mother away.

They decided that it would be better to start at once.

Where did you put my passport?


Don't be afraid to fail.

Frederick opened the lion's cage.

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time; but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.

The people revolted against their rulers.

He had the ambition to be prime minister.

My brother-in-law easily loses his temper from trivial matters.

To life!

It happened that I was out then.

Experts say only about 15 percent of happiness comes from income, assets and other financial factors.

She advised him to take a long holiday.

I love arguing with them.

I met her by accident at the bus stop.

It's possible we'll arrive at the Tokyo station around noon.


Sheila cried in my arms.

No one's going to find them.

It's the place that has all of Gulfport talking.


I walked back and forth on the street.

I felt safe.

Juan took the framed photo off the mantelpiece and took a closer look at it.

I came home and found everything destroyed.

I knew you'd help me.

Visitors are welcome.

There's no alternative.


The old hippy didn't need any drugs; he was high on life.

You probably also know about what Suzanne did.

If you do that, everyone's going to hate you.

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I like coffee.

The message I received said, Please contact us at your convenience.

It's my birthday soon.

The children have already gone to school.

The two countries formally initiated diplomatic relations.

Carlo is on the other side of the river.

Mrs. Ionescu, I'd like to ask you something.

He wanted to stay in this city.

Alone in this world I'll be.

After patiently listening to the audience's complaints, the judges changed the results.

I already gave him your number.


I thought you said you had something to tell me.


That word is old fashioned.


Are we friends?

You're here.

You can do it however you like.

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He made no response.

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You were very ugly last night.

Skeeter looks a bit dazed.

I hope you're OK.

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Beverly told Matt that she looked beautiful.

"What did you think of the movie?" "It was okay, I guess."

"Do you want to be a millionaire?" "Who doesn't?"

This is the reason why I didn't come yesterday.

How are you, my dear?

You haven't touched your food.

Even though there was a no U-turn sign, I made a U-turn.

She is not afraid to die.

I was just wondering about that.

It's a boring word.

I'll follow your advice.

The sun will rise soon.

What subway goes to the center of town?


I wrote a thousand sentences!

He always dresses very casually, and doesn't care about color or style.

I want to be certain that we're doing what's best for Raif.

They have enough money for their bills.

Wendell made her own lunch.

Let's go and take a look.

Most boys know his name.


Perry's truck was slightly damaged.

Your sense of humor is beginning to exert itself.

"How's your life?" - "Much the same. And yours?"

The doctors wore white masks over their mouths and noses.

Look at what we have so far.


He is one of the best brains in our country.


I'm trying to stay awake.

I congratulated her on her success in the examination.

How many times have you played tennis with Pim?

What does Stefan want?

We know so little about you.

I need to find out where Liza lives.

He's back from his travels in Central Asia.

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Are you cheating on me?

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You're on your own.

Who should start?

It's a big step.

This camera belongs to me.

Beckie and Herbert must be very busy.

He said that he must see the manager.

Juha goes jogging in the park every morning.

If that were true, what would you do?

Which school is the best?