This place is really nice.

I want this television.


There's not much paper left.

It just takes time.

I already regret it.

He undressed her with his eyes.

I'd like to rent a car, please.

Take care of Shean.

Could you show me how to use this pump?

I have chapped lips.

They expect an American to be a white person.

Carsten is aiming at a bird.

The water supply has failed.

A biodiversity sanctuary in Brazil called The Pantanal is threatened by deforestation.

That's unfair.

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I became frightened.

You sure had me fooled.

I drink 1.7 liters of water each day.

Malus can't help wondering whether he would have been better off if he had gone to college.

How long can I borrow it?

We can't repair the damage done by Santa's speech.

I told Svante what you did.

No one's going to find him.

I remember that speech.

You don't have to tell me his name.

I still have a lot of pages to read.

Lenora is more expert than me.

Be satisfied!

It's all right now. It's all over.

It's not going to be cheap.


Donne earns three times as much as me.

When did you first suspect it was Bobbie who stole your money?

Loukas thought he was cute, but she was too shy to say anything.

I don't think that I'll be able to solve this problem by myself.

Now, my young man, jump out the window!

He readily agreed to it.

In a struggle of power, if you aren't with us, you're against us.


We have to stay.

Dana isn't aggressive at all.

I'm not allowed to leave.

Knowledge is the supreme power.

Elliot speaks with his mother every day.

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Teach me how you do that.


Dan crossed the border to Mexico but was immediately arrested by the local police.

I don't like lying to them.

Now is the time when I need him most.

I left a note by your door this morning.

Andrew traveled all over the country.

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She faked her own death.


I had enough money to buy that dress.


What made her so sad?

The city is at the foot of the mountain.

Alphabetic script on signs on streets and buildings is just boring, some think.


Give it to whoever wants it.

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He is into the Internet.


You live here alone, don't you?

There's been a lot of rain this year.

Empty your pocket.

What you did was wrong.

Check out your options.

We must reduce energy demand.

These shoes are too tight.

Dominick is just trying to get your goat now.

This is classic.

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I didn't read the story.


I wish you could have come with me.


My friends are all married.


Isidore definitely doesn't want to be class president.

Does he have long hair?

No matter.

Welcome to our house.

Do you really want to stay young forever?

Bamboos are one of the fastest growing plants on the planet.

I don't have a fever.

I'm sure Mom will get mad.

I expect Galen has his reasons for doing that.

I've got to go home and finish my homework.

Don't shoo me as though I were a dog.


This stuff is dynamite.

Holy Fucking Shit! My old ex is a thief!

I don't need them to do me any favors.

Owing to a bad cold, he could not take part in the game.

When are you going home?

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I have a delivery for her.

The office has been topsy-turvy since the merger upset everything.

Carole is very cute.

It's lucky that his parents are so equable.

"Good morning. You were a bit late today." "Mhm, I got a tad delayed."

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We don't trust Trey.


She has no more than twelve cubs.

What's this called in French?

You're nice.

I want to know who was in charge.

He seemed bored.

Those and John immediately became friends.

The dishes never did wind up getting put away.

Would a little extra time help?

That's another concern of mine.


She allowed him to go alone.


The leaves are fluttering down.

It was an act of desperation.

The art of making wooden bowls like these has died out.

My DVD collection is absolutely miniscule.

Let's all do it.

I'm going to go find her.

How formal is this ceremony?

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Sorry, but could you answer the phone for me?

We're attempting to correct the problem.

Our boss turned down our proposal.


I don't have time to help you now.

Fred is shallow and materialistic.

I've paid my debt to society.

Lack of originality, everywhere, all over the world, from time immemorial, has always been considered the foremost quality and the recommendation of the active, efficient and practical man...

I think you'll feel the same way.

All the soldiers stood side by side.

In those days it was far from easy to come by a good job.


He has begun to enjoy country life.

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I enjoy hanging out with Syd.

I play a little guitar.

I will be back in less than five minutes.

He is one of my best friends.

My uncle lives in New York City.


I get tired of hearing Tigger talking about Tal.

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I need to hire an assistant.

We've got company.

You must attend to what she says.

I'm glad you came.

The stream is not very swift.

Don't do something stupid.

What do you want to know about us?

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I reasoned him out of his fears.

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Juergen isn't always right.

I don't like change.

How long have you been planning this wedding?

I like volleyball as well as basketball.

Ramon could be in his office.

What kind of vapid comments will I get on this sentence?

The computer terminals were lined up in one long row.


I want to score more goals.

I think that Misty has different feelings towards insects.

She looks better in Japanese clothes.


This drink's flavor is obviously that of tea.

I'd prefer that black one over there.

I wish I could think of a good excuse not to go.


Alastair's pajamas have a picture of a cute little red squirrel printed on them.

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Don't get cute with me.

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Don't you want any orange juice?

Do you really want to go to the pep rally?

My hand are benumbed with cold.

We adopted her.

There are around three thousand mosques in Istanbul.


Have you ever lived in another country?

Sandip and his friends often play cards until after midnight.

Count on me.

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This blurs the line between news and advertising.

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There are people who get nothing from their fortune except fear of losing it.

He's a slowpoke.

The pilot will land the plane.

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Did I frigthen you?


He comes from the middle class.