I'm calling him.

They insisted on my making use of the opportunity.

Why do they come here?

I didn't even see you once last year.

I've been taking lessons from Vijay.

I have been writing this manuscript for a year.


Can we talk to him directly?

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Tai isn't accustomed to doing that.

She's going to kill me.

I met them on Friday the 13th.

Reading helps you build up your vocabulary.

I hit him in the belly.

Did you want to meet with Saify?

The master gave me an order to come in.


They had holes in them when I got them.

Finish digging the grave.

I see we're all here.


Ken is too busy to come.


I've always wanted to learn French.

We're sweating in this heat.

The murderer hid in the mountains.


Given her interest in children, I am sure teaching is the right career for her.

His niece is attractive and mature for her age.

Every gadget is just imaginary before one makes it for the first time.

I cannot cross this river. It's too wide.

We have a traitor among us.

I knew at a glance that he was an honest man.

Prakash didn't want to discuss the details.


The best yarn is that spun by hand.

There was a wreck on the highway.

My computer is hung up.


Tim was barely able to keep the canoe from overturning.


In the eyes of many, poverty is much worse than vice: it's a weakness.

Johann asked Son what she needed.

Everyone can help.

My ears are always ringing.

Are you doctors?


Mats's design is very original.

You keep records, don't you?

People who do bodybuilding are called bodybuilders.

I'll be watching.

We'll wait here for it.

I need to borrow your pen.

He's playing a tower defense game.

I have to return this book today.

The little girl will go astray if no one cares much about her.

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I want to help.


I study sometimes!

This government is corrupt.

Sergeant came out of his room.

The salary is fixed according to age and experience.

I can't sit down without pain now.


I don't think Liber speaks French.


He always tries to see the good in others.

We have to react faster.

I went to many shops to look for the book.

Suzan was kicked out of his house by his parents when he confessed to being an atheist.

Who told you that you could do that?


Rees hopefully won't have any more problems.


You aren't afraid of ghosts, are you?


I don't like this comparison.

You've taken a big step today.

I'm looking forward to hearing from her.


Old age has undermined her memory.

Today he turned forty.

She and I have about the same number of stamps.

An urgent telegram brought her hurrying back to Tokyo.

Rhonda is your teacher.

Angst is the fear of our own incapacity for peace.

It looks like Roxana isn't interested in going with us.

Questioning received wisdom is the driving force behind progress.

Bob has been in there for about an hour.

Please do not power off or unplug your machine.

She became deaf from the explosion.

He started a new life.

I think that although the transportation system in Japan is convenient, the cost of living there is not very low.

Isn't that your shirt?

The situation is worse than I thought.

I just found a solution for the problem.

Sho's car won't start.


Maria knew neither his name nor his phone number.

I thought you'd eventually realize Graham didn't like you.

They were full of an unexplainable longing to be humiliated and insulted.


I don't need glasses anymore.

Just get out of here!

The war between France and England lasted one hundred years.

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Do you sell road maps?

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She read an amusing story to the children.

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He was a general in WWII.

The suits in a standard deck of cards are clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades.

He's crazy about soccer.


Dan was too young to go to the park alone.


I would never say such a thing.

Harmon told me that he doesn't like Pratt.

The possibility that the two events are unconnected is not worth considering.

I admit you've been a great help to me.

I've decided not to sue you.

Juliet is a lot smarter than Fay.

Kozue has never given way to despair in her life.

I love Fridays!

Why's your French pronunciation so good?

I won't tell anyone. I promise.

Marian said that he would be back right away.

I hear you're getting married.

You should wash the fruits before eating them.

Do you know Raj's plans?

Is he at home?

Are you talking about this?

It was not my mistake.


This bicycle needs repairing.

He applied himself to his study, without thought for his normal life.

Always keep an open mind.

I'll let you guys do that.

We were very disappointed with the results.

Both Greg and Noemi were at the party.

I came to talk to her.

Vladislav will find them.

The paint on the door is not dry yet.

That is, like, so cool.

Americans would have responded differently from Japanese.

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What's this smell?

Mitch might be dead for all we know.

It would be nice if you had a wedge of lime I could squeeze into my icewater.


I hear you loud and clear.


Moses said he couldn't wait any longer.

I thought we agreed to consult each other before we made any major decisions.

Jin and Alejandro often work together on Friday.

Who planted the tree?

Let's have a gander at this insolent man.

For better or for worse, television has changed the world.

Our memory is like a sieve, as we forget almost half of what we have learned within the first twenty minutes.

Greet god!

We've talked to him.


Why do American parents praise their children?

They have good appetite this morning.

My dream is to be a baseball player.


It's not like that.

India is now short of food.

I saw you waiting in the lobby.


The party was totally awful.

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Would you like to play tennis every Sunday?


The soldier was wounded in the leg and couldn't move.


I told him I wanted to go to Boston.

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The boy pronounces the words well.

They caught him playing a trick on his sister.

I have no idea what this is about.


It's not until you have met him that you really understand a man.

Are you enjoying your stay here?

I got to the station only to find that the train had just left.

I've been after Marco to do that for weeks.

A man can know the price of everything and the value of nothing.


Sherman isn't Bill's wife.

You understand French, right?

Is Jos one of your friends?


Mikey was about to say something to Malaclypse when his phone rang.

Juri wondered why Takayuki was crying.

They risked their lives on the dangerous trip.


I'd like to make more money.

They're not bad!

The American people would say: "I am walking, not reading".