Abstract art is something to feel.

He had a big box in his arms.

How big is this park?

Does this club have a live band, or is there a DJ?

Everybody wants him.

Torsten was later convicted.


Alberto found an orphaned baby squirrel.

What will tomorrow be? The beginning or the end?

How could you tell Leora wasn't having fun?

Carsten is honest.

I just can't memorize students' names.

Open your books to page 86.

Do you want to have another beer?

There's a man here that wants to see you.

I will be very careful.

Daniele helped me.

I belong to those guys who find it enjoyable to be out of fashion.

When the last leaf falls, I must go, too.

You mustn't keep a lady waiting.


It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of education.


Olson knew what Cecilia was trying to say.

I never see you without thinking of Ken.

Honzo needs to borrow your umbrella.

He came home later than usual.

The new road will benefit the people living in the hills.

When it comes to musical instruments, the more you practice, the more skilled you become.

Jesse crossed the bridge.

I'm happy to see you.

Freddy's been working the graveyard shift the past month, so he hasn't been able to see any of his friends who work normal hours.

We're not eating.

What do you want to watch?


The man that lays his hand upon a woman, save in the way of kindness, is a wretch whom't were gross flattery to name a coward.

I don't even know where Hirofumi is now.

Let's hurry to be in time for the meeting.

It's totally fine.

I can always tell when Jackye is lying.

It's a beautiful picture.

How do we get him out of jail?

The family ate dinner together.

Mr. Smith founded this school forty years ago.


Who would care?

Oh, Marla! This is great timing. There's something I wanted to ask you.

A stranger came up to her and asked her the time.

I couldn't kill him.

Marilyn is a busy man.

I had a lot of fun last weekend.

Based on what you've told me, I don't think I want to go.

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Rice farming has been developed to a high degree in Japan.

I love his son.

Even though he's very old, he's healthy.

J.F. Kennedy was buried in Arlington Cemetery.

How's married life going?

No passage this way.

He is trying to justify his act.

In her youth, my mother was very beautiful.

How did you measure it?

I don't think I have time to explain it right now.

My brother checked his email on my computer.

Some people are disappointed.

It looks like a camera of some kind.


I wonder if you'd help me with my homework.

I'll probably see you there.

It's very sad.


You're the lucky one.

You should stay in Boston for a couple weeks.

What on earth do you want six copies of the same book for?


This window won't fasten.


I told Sjaak to be quiet.

This window has been broken for a month.

When I drive, I always avoid trucks.

He received me cordially.

I don't think it's serious - but I thought I'd stop by.

It seems that this time, he's telling the truth.

It is hard work to keep my room in proper order.

Clem is now the proud father of a healthy baby girl.

In the state of Louisiana in the United States many people still speak French.


Hiroyuki didn't remember whether the room was empty or not.


I've already called Sjouke.

When do you arrive?

I haven't asked Luis yet.

It is certain that one important criterion for employment is having 'leadership'.

He keeps a straight face while telling a ridiculous story.

Tell me if you find a new boyfriend.

Now look what you've done.

How long ago did you start studying French?

If it gets dangerous, give me a call.

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Geoffrey considered it.

Let me tell her.

Maria has four brothers.

I won't be able to sleep tonight.

He had a dream about coming naked to school.

I was really very busy.

I came upon a friend of mine.

You could talk to him.

I aim to change that.

Bring the hat with you when you come over.

Do you know what UNESCO stands for?

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I liked the sour cherry strudel and the nut filled strudel.


We just want to be reasonable.

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Dan went to London with his son, Matt, and his daughter, Linda.

He demanded that his salary be increased.

Laurie isn't conscious.


I've already started to do that.


That girl looks like her mother.

It was Sir Anthony's eightieth birthday concert and everybody wanted a ticket.

Why did the chicken cross the road?


Child abuse is a crime.


Be fruitful and multiply.


Sherri couldn't tell whether Ken dyed her hair or not.

Your attendance will affect your final grade.

Today I have to see my new professor of philosophy.


Leith and Cathryn soon became best friends.

Bolzano is the capital of South Tyrol, in Italy.

Outsiders tend to scoff at Esperanto as an idealistic waste of time.

I never doubted it.

I caught a glimpse of her face.

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Rumi is the first daughter.


She gave me a wrong address on purpose.

Why don't we get about the beach so we can see the sunset?

You don't need me.

I explained to the host that I had been delayed by a traffic jam.

I'll go shopping this afternoon, though I don't have much money.


Alvin'll be ready.

It is plain that he is wrong.

Somebody's coming up the stairs.

I wouldn't advise that.

If I'm not mistaken, I think we took a wrong turn back there.


We don't know the Jacksons.

I told Norm what I saw.

Please keep the fire from going out.


I wish I'd never asked you to do that.

Thuan likes watching documentaries about aliens.

Iron transmits heat well.

He is doing penance.

If you have any money, please lend me some.

Her eyes expressed her sympathy.

I'm going to a conference next week.

Something tells me I should say no.

I'll be late today.


Terrence doesn't sleep in a coffin like most vampires.

I should tell him.

Alvin told Leif she had a nice smile.


Was this book meant for me?

Don't get me wrong, but she likes you as a friend.

Those children are waiting for their mother.


The cuneiform alphabet invented by the Sumerians was used by many languages in the ancient Near East.

Look at what you've done.

Please estimate the losses by Friday at the latest.

With her extravagant tastes, she was incapable of making ends meet.

I'm too tired to help.


I didn't take those pills you gave me.

I knew a shortcut to Judith's house.

Size 9, I think.


Are you with us, Mat?

I wish you'd been there.

When have I ever wronged you?

We won't be able to get back to Boston until next Monday.

The thermometer stands at 70.

You've been following me. Why?

This apartment is bigger than any other one in the building.

You're just being silly.

She also writes about loss and trauma.


These endless business trips are telling on his marriage.

The storm will likely damage the crops.

I'll come by 10.

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It's time you two talked.