You're unsophisticated.

I don't have a box.

We want to talk with him.

I like your eyeglasses.

I used to work in Australia.

The disadvantage of excellent insulation is that it quickly leads to overheating.


I am insured for the car.

I look on her as my sister.

Tie your shoes.


Who told them that?

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They started one after another.

Please take freely.

Stop obsessing over that.

Some of what you said didn't sound truthful.

Indra wished he had studied harder.

Could I have a minute of your time?

I figured Pandora wasn't going to go, so I went.

We were totally wasted.

It had nothing to do with this.


Raanan said that he loved Amos.


Real is quite a bit younger than Leif.

They took it by force.

Did you go upstairs?


I'm going to my car to get my things.

Is the hotel close to the airport?

We hit the hay early in order to get up at dawn.

When I was small I kept a diary.

The new product will not be distributed through conventional channels.


I saw the ship sink in the sea.

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Let's just pray it never happens again.

Broadly construed, it's, uh, slightly useful.

There sure were a lot of unhappy people there on that day.

Who cares about what other people think?

You are wearing your shirt inside out.

He is going to the concert.

Edith, I was just thinking about you.


This is where the accident happened.

I am trying to memorise the names of constellations.

Tolerant left after one year.

Let me check.

Who will take charge of their class?

Stop and think about it.

A ruler helps one to draw a straight line.

The person in charge was named Peter.

Everyone around here likes him.

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She took a bite of the apple.

So what if I lost?

Don't laugh at my mistake.

Tell me about your fight with Ravindran.

I am a married man.


I heard a song called "Apologize" on the radio.

What was said?

Is something on your mind?


Maybe Anne would be willing to do that.


We've brought you a surprise.


Mariou was told to put up or shut up.

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Search every room.

Ramsey has a little sister.

They indulged in mahjong.

Blayne is going to call you a taxi.

I'm worried about you, too.

The seeing-eye dog helps the blind man to cross the street.

There are rumors that they broke up.

It wasn't Kate's idea.

I've planned our route.


Lee seems to be afraid of something.

Hienz and Anatole married when they were young.

He is considered to be a highly qualified employee.

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Be cheerful! Add an exclamation mark to all of your sentences!

When was the last time you traveled by train?

He lives in a posh apartment near Central Park.

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Explode, pig!

Dr. Stein will be with you shortly.

Pratapwant was glad that Randy said she would go to the dance with him.

Some Japanese wives are content to leave their husbands alone.

You certainly fooled Len.

Ulysses Grant was a hero.

She will arrive around noon.

He changes his schedule from day to day.

That gives me hope.

He told me that he would start the next day.

As I rowed out into the river, the clearness of the water astounded me.

I have a friend at City Hall.

I don't remember you at all.

I'm already stressed out.

You may as well go home now.

I love tea.

I play with my son.

In the end, he recognized his own mistakes.

Since when do you care what's in style?


Computers have changed the industrial picture considerably.

There are some books on the desk.

He's got more books than all the others put together.


What's Tony doing?

What do you mean by "sometimes"?

I think you'd better come with me.

The snake bit me in the leg.

My cousin is hooked on smack.

He spoke to whomever he met.

Buddhism had its beginnings in India.

They'll be jealous.

I socked him in the ear.


Do you still believe I killed my brother?

I felt quite relieved after I had said all I wanted to say.

A heavy snow fell in Kyoto for the first time in ages.

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His company makes profits from car exports.

I'm afraid this job is too much for you.

Switch on the light. I can't see anything.

Sunil seems pleased.

It was a ghost town during the war.

The weakness of vinyl is that it is easily affected by heat.

You are too busy in taking pictures!


If we don't leave soon, we'll won't get there in time.

I've never been so humiliated.

Shortly after the accident, the police came.


The number of officials doubled last year.

Pratap might be interested.

I only have two plane tickets.


You need to be very careful.

I bet you know who told me that.

It was tough going during the exams.

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Sridhar left home at 2:30.

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Nichael said you're old friends.

I'm tapped out.

Jitendra is studying his notes.

We'd already expected you yesterday, but you haven't come yet. Come tomorrow at the latest!

I love you more than I love her.


I have a large number of books on my bookshelf.

Please come before 2:30.

Don't follow his example.


How soon the summer holiday is over.


That's Oskar's boat.


I don't have many of those.

So what if that's true?

I'm brave.

I didn't know exactly what to say.

Everyone believes that they have prepared for their old age.

The soldiers seized food from the people they conquered.

Lenora cleaned the garage all by himself.


Carsten might know what to do.

Communism would provide decent housing for everybody.

It will require substantial time and financial resources.

What time shall we meet tomorrow?

The towel on the left is yours.

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I'm not certain that I trust Julian.


What crime did you commit?

You were dropped on head as a child.

Do you want to do business or not?

I don't know how much time I've got.

We just need some time.

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I refused at first.

Douglas seems to have changed his mind about staying.

The weeks flee like dreams.


I think we need a doctor.

His face expresses joy.

It'll soon be dark.

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My brother prefers windsurfing.

What kind of fuel do you use in this machine?

I'm trying to leave a little space for dessert.

He made a crash test dummy of himself.

Arthur wasn't sure whether he should do that or not.

How much longer do you think it'll be until the job is finished?

Knudsen knows a lot.