Vilhelm tried to help us.

She promised to marry him.

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Did you hear your name called?

They hired someone else for the job.

The teacher led the class in singing a song.

I have to correct this article.

I've never seen them that mad.

Doing the same thing over and over gets tiring.

Bryce doesn't particularly like Lenora.


You're safe if I'm with you.

We do not accept gratuities.

We have to do a better job.


Kirk doesn't want to let Joe down.

I cook well.

They were complicit in those murders, and this I'll prove to you during the course of the trial.

I will meet you at the station at 10 a.m.

Lea pronounces that word in a strange way.


I didn't know what I should say to Dale.

I came to talk to her.

Just promise me you won't get angry.

As in the Bible, man may not be always perfect.

We'll be leaving here shortly.

Don't spit through the window.

You need to try to relax.

We shared the money evenly amongst the three of us.

I'm really disappointed in you, Nigel.

It's very cold in here.

I'm not sure what I should be doing.

Do you know who her father is?

Dozens of people have died in flash floods triggered by torrential rain.


He had the kindness to take me to the hospital.

If you alter the plan, you must inform the team members of the changes.

I haven't known the fact up to now.

I think we should keep this a secret.

She is always cold-hearted.

I went twice.

I hope that this letter finds you in perfect health.

You know the answer?

I shouldn't have walked home late at night by myself.


Don't ask a question to students who you know cannot answer.

I used to be thin when I was young.

A crowd of 500 filled the theater.

What time do we get to San Francisco?

I would lay down my life for you.

The prawn cocktail was delicious.

We must get out of here.


What does Sassan have to say?

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He tried different kinds of foods one after another.

The government was obliged to make changes in its foreign policy.

I tipped the cabbie ten bucks for getting me to the airport on time.

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Always try to see the best in people.


You have to trust me on this.

Carisa can barely swim.

Bradley is a great player.

The dancers really came to life during the Latin numbers.

Maybe I'll just give up soon and take a nap instead.

Would you buy one?

Most of her friends are boys.

Please write back soon.

I'll probably be arriving late to the office.

He has a plan to go abroad next year.

No one in the class runs as fast as he does.

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You must not go to extremes in anything.


I am glad I was not born before tea.


That is a strange sentence.

Daniel didn't want to touch it.

Vic's train hasn't arrived yet.

Is anybody watching us?

He is younger than me by three years.


She was envious of her cousin's success.

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Joanne stopped looking for the treasure and went back home.

Don didn't open the beer.

Every man would like to be God, if it were possible; some few find it difficult to admit the impossibility.

Each science has its own terminology.

Ariel is doing fine.

It was the worst day of my life.

I suppose you're already packed and ready to go.

He is discouraged over his wife's death.

I haven't lost my mind.

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I met Ken at the park.


That doesn't scare me in the slightest.

Dan was a highly respected police officer.

Thanks for calling.

Hector and Tobias ate a six-course meal together.

Saad loves talking about music.


Would you please let me know when it would be convenient for us to meet?

Who gave her all that money?

He asked a few questions of me.

I ran on and on and came in sight of a light.

I thought I'd try what Kenton suggested.

It's very cold, this winter!

"I understand how you feel, Hiroshi," says Mike.


There are many cultures on Earth.

You'll understand it later on.

I'm no scapegoat to take it lying down.


Finishing second in the Olympics gets you silver. Finishing second in politics gets you oblivion.

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Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.


Tell everyone the truth.

Not every child likes apples.

Where are you guys from?

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You can't express that in words.

It snowed from Monday to Friday.

A lot of funds are necessary to travel.


Always yield to traffic from the right.

Try to look at some recent interviews.

One of the guests told me that they saw you kissing Hurf.

Get off my tail.

Can someone give me a lift?

You've got to try it.

Vietnamese is not a hard language to learn.

I read fifty pages further.

Take your shot, Larry.


I work different hours every day.

I'm only working here another three days.

Tony said he didn't know.


How was Leslie able to lose so much weight so quickly?

Their equipment is extremely advanced.

As a rule, twins have a lot in common.

She was frightened to see the black cat.

I'll stay until evening.

Call your wife.

I cannot fire Ken. He's a good worker.


Julie makes his own wine.

Mason says he comes here every year.

They're not going to leave us alone.

Jarl wishes for his son to inherit his estate.

He has two daughters, both of whom are married to doctors.

May I borrow your bike?

Life is like a journey.

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I've wanted to tell you this for a long time: Your cynical jokes are unbearable.

We tell each other everything.

Japan is made up of volcanic islands.


I can't really be certain that Brender didn't take the money.

Winston grew up in a happy family.

All the participants seemed to agree.

The problem is that we don't know where Danielle is.

Michiel didn't know how many of his students needed help.

For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

What has made you decide to work for our company?

I thought you might like to know.

You're a weirdo.

Take him inside.

Give it up for Irvin!

Daren contacted John through Matti.

I need advice.

She works here, but her office is actually on the second floor.

They organized a political party.

Every statement is false, so is this one!

We had the porter carry our luggage to our room.

I woud risk my life for a good cause.

The ship was scuttled last year.


Has Lar quit drinking?

The news of their marriage spread throughout the village.

Buy a hedgehog and you'll be happy.

I walked across the street.

I remember when Anna told me she fell in love.


We want her to stay and help.

All the students of the university have access to the university library.

The government of the republic discussed the exchange crisis plan.


All things hidden will be seen.

I'll change my flight.

The report is being prepared by the committee.

The point is they're too young.

We're having the same problems that Alf is having.

I've forgotten Kee completely.

Terrence and his friends played cowboys and Indians.

Last night, we watched television together.

He works beyond office hours twice a week.