Don't you have work today?

Baffled by Sherlock Holmes' cryptic remarks, Watson wondered whether Holmes was intentionally concealing his thoughts about the crime.


Lin and Valeria were both ambitious.

I really have to get this done today.

She's very protective of her.


People can turn to the law if they want to correct an injustice.

Has your father arrived yet?

I have the feeling that translating has become very unenjoyable.

The man I trusted betrayed me.

We're not entirely sure why Kyle did what he did.


They're going to find him.

I'm really disappointed in you, Valentin.

Many lost their homes in the earthquake.

Won't you come in and have a cup of tea?

Why didn't you just tell her?

Do you believe him?

I've come this far, so I'll keep going.

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I always have a couple of beach towels in my car.

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The weather stayed hot for two weeks.

What was Marshall doing here?

Let's just go find him.


It had to be an easy language, or it was math.

I wasn't expecting it from you!

An inexperienced stock speculator could easily let his business go to pot and lose his entire fortune.


It's dangerous to swim here.

He is unmarried.

I want you to get some rest.

Can I assume you're interested now?

Honesty is the best policy.

When I was a little child, I wasn't frightened of anything.

Police conducted physical and electronic surveillance on Dan.

Someone has cut my kite string.

This is how the tunnel looked like when it was opened back in the 1980's.


What language is this?

I wasn't allowed to see Shuvra.

In addition to the policy, the firemen had to make their appearance too.


I guess I'm easily amused.

Tell them to hurry.

I've never shot anyone.

I like that it is soft.

Salmonella outbreaks blemished spinach importers' reputation for running clean factories.

Debbie told me he was really hungry.

I studied a lot in school.

"Juma will help his friends. How about Hamisi?" "No, he will not help them."

He isn't rich, but he's happy.

Ask anyone.

The human soul is built such that a lie works upon it a hundred times better than the truth does.

I feel like nothing on earth.

I have never seen a rugby match as exciting as yesterday's match.

I'm sorry I am late, but there's been a lot of work to do.

Saad's overwhelmed.

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We spent too much for this.

Quit your whining.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith live apart from each other now.

Daniele spoiled all my plans.

I say this from my own experience.

Ronald adopted our method of bookkeeping.

Blaine was out of town last week.

Vidhyanath went to bed as soon as he got home.

Welcome to this world!


Juri is very good at changing the subject.

How much is the shirt?

John, who was notably thin, made an effort to find a job that would pay his rent.


In which house are you staying?


You may go with him if you choose.

He parties too much.

The United States seems to have got caught up in the troubles between the three nations in Asia.

I never met her.

They are so beautiful.

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I email my pen pal every Saturday.

Can I have two hamburgers and a coke, please?

She surprised me.

He presented his card.

It is kind of you to give me a ride.

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Dorothy is correct.

We have no secrets from each other.

I talked with him about it over the telephone.

He told me that I could sleep on the sofa.

Mike got back from the library at five.

Which do you like better: music class or English class?

It's just the way I am.

Don't back off.

I don't regret what I've done.

I am terribly busy because the report deadline is near.

I am tired of eating at the school cafeteria.

He runs faster than I.

That concert wasn't rocking.

I miss that place.

I told Clayton that getting a tattoo would be a stupid thing to do.

This ring is a magic item that gives great power to its user.

Goods at the food and clothing stalls were very cheap.

What impressed Shutoku the most?

We must separate politics from religion.


We'll have to risk it.


He was involved in a murder case.


There's a rumor going around.


Coincidences happen every day.


I want to know now.

Guilds were an important part of society in the Middle Ages.

He is one of the best brains in our country.

He went to the bus stop, and the bus took off.

I'm pretty sure that Alastair didn't kiss Peter.

I'm eighty-three years old.

She doesn't need anything.

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My watch has seventeen jewels.

Property is the right to use & abuse; it engenders despotism.

The UN endeavored to supply refugees with food.


I didn't know that it was possible to lock the door of the meeting room.

They have no respect for authority.

He made several corrections.

Cats do this when they want something.

Of all places to meet you!

I am tired from a long walk.

I explained it.


Toerless will probably be reincarnated as a squirrel.

When I entered the kitchen, she was making chicken curry with rice.

I'm not religious in the normal sense. I believe the universe is governed by the laws of science. The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene to break the laws.

You and I, we are friends.

Tell me about Germany.

I'm trying to help Linder.

Getting down this mountain will take about three hours.

I came here with them.

This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

It's such a nice day.

I'm glad you're home.

He was an example of a popular athlete in his days.

Everyone must die.

We haven't had those kinds of problems yet.

Are you jealous of Anita?

Please say hello to her.

They went ice-skating together.

Spencer wasn't able to blow out all the candles on the cake.

Do you want to save them?


Why did you say such a stupid thing?

What do you think she is doing now?

One of the kids broke the lock.

A lot has changed around here since you've left.

That girl is very beautiful.


This puzzle will be completed by tomorrow.

You can't count on their help.

I knew I had to finish the report before noon.

Did you do that purposely?

The batter has two balls and two strikes on him.

I like how you reason.

Are there big rivers in Germany?

For this design house it was an appropriate strategy to introduce even more radical colors into computer production.

You sure have a way with words.


Catfish have no scales.

I'll tell you what I want you to do.

Joyce made several corrections.

Please take off your sunglasses.

Cyrus's parents were missionaries in Africa.

Tell her to call me.

It follows from what she says that he is guilty.

She was an experienced wedding photographer.

Salt preserves fish from decay.

The students hold their teacher in high regard.

The doctor told me to give up smoking.

Blake loved to walk in the country round London.

Neither of them are pretty.

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I'll try to get home during the holiday season.

He is a partner in crime.

Dion never wants to see Piet again.

In the end, we did not confess.

That wouldn't surprise me.

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What exactly did we miss?

Those who spend too much time traveling become strangers in their own country.

Is there any more water?

Blood poured from the cut vein.

It hurts.

Being ill, I stayed at home all day long.

I looked all over for Phil.