Baccus specialises in the design and production of wargames figures and accessories in the 6mm scale. Although it is often overlooked by the dominance of the 15 and 28mm scales, the smaller figures offer huge advantages in terms of flexibility, prices and ease of painting. It often comes as a pleasant surprise to our new customers that they find 6mm figures easier and quicker to paint than their coarser-scale brethren.

15th Jan 2019 :: The Joy of Six 2019

Another year - that means another Joy of Six show!  The organising team are all really pleased to let you know that the Joy of Six wargames show will be taking place at Sheffield Hallam University on Sunday 7th July 2019.

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9th Jan 2019 :: The First release of 2019 - Great War Austrians

Let''s tick off the first of the 2019 release commitments in style!   If you click here  you'll find them in all their glory.  We've added the usual infantry

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2nd Jan 2019 :: It's that Janus time...

It’s that Janus time again…

As regular readers, (now there’s me starting 2019 with optimism by using either of those terms about the Baccus News posts), will know, the first entry of the year is a retrospective of the last twelve months linked to a somewhat futile attempt to outline a production schedule for the coming year.

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The Joy of Six 2019
15th Jan 2019

9th Jan 2019

It's that Janus time...
2nd Jan 2019

(877) 551-6192
24th Dec 2018

A new addition to Team Baccus
10th Dec 2018


The Joy of Six 2019 by Baron Clenawly
24th Feb 2019

7346459245 by Bibibye
22nd Feb 2019

3303103056 by Nick the Lemming
21st Feb 2019

Napoleonic Bavarian Guard Grenadiers - Campaign Dress by Mollinary
20th Feb 2019

French Gardes d'Honneur and Bavarian Landwehr by Glenn Pearce
20th Feb 2019


Hammerhead (Newark Showground)
2nd Mar 2019

Salute (Excel Centre, London)
6th Apr 2019

Partizan (Newark Showground, Newark)
19th May 2019

Phalanx (Sutton Leisure Centre, St. Helens)
15th Jun 2019

Baccus Open Day (Sheffield)
6th Jul 2019


Great War Austrian - Austrian CorpsGreat War Austrian
Austrian Corps

Great War Austrian - Austrian Corps HQGreat War Austrian
Austrian Corps HQ

Great War Austrian - Great War Austrian DivisionGreat War Austrian
Great War Austrian Division

GWA06 - Austrian CavalryGWA06
Austrian Cavalry

GWA10 - 15cm Howitzer and crewGWA10
15cm Howitzer and crew