I am very happy with it.

Do you live in Tokyo?

It won't take that long.

Do you have a special menu for vegetarians?

How wonderful a time we have had!

He sang on-stage.

Herb can swim well.

A deal is a deal.

He works for the good of the country.

It's been a while since I've seen Tao.

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I hear that Harvey Jackson is one of the best lawyers in Boston.


I don't know why you listen to him.

What do you say we go out tonight?

I asked my aunt to tell the stories of her travels.

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Let's congratulate her.

Did Jochen have a good time in Boston?

There was a strong wind on that day.


The work will take anywhere from two to three weeks.

That answer's wrong.

The pain was more than he could stand.

Come on, tell her!

You mustn't drive on the right.

We mustn't waste our energy stocks.

Boston is very different from Chicago.

Let's see if anything changes.

He gave a good piece of advice.

Do you really need these?

As a young man, he did not know that he was to become famous later on.

He was accused of theft.

Do you think that everything that happens to us is predestined?


It was a disaster.

I had a cup of coffee at the coffee shop.

Just do what you want.

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He sits at a table, surrounded by false friends and shameless women.

I wouldn't know what to do without you.

Please listen to me carefully.

Micah often sings in her car.

I know all I need to know.

The townspeople looked curiously at me.

Look, you've got to help.


I won't fly in a plane.

Her coloring book lay limp, jagged with angular pink scribbles.

She's not very good at it.

She says her life is monotonous.

Matthieu refused to answer Hector's questions.

Kamiya looked through the periscope.

The eldest of the three boys is Dwayne.

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One doesn't always follow one's forebears nor father.

Shouldn't you be going?

I'll carry this.

That really is bad.

I assume this is due to the fact that Phill is a minor.


I drowned in the ocean.

I kind of doubt that that actually happened.

I think that I want to apply for the job in the advertisement.

They fight like cats and dogs.

They still haven't been able to work out quite what her motive was for resorting to crime.

You're not really a teacher, are you?

When the time came to jump out of that airplane I was scared stiff. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it would come out of my chest.

Add the flour and baking powder, then the butter and leftover milk; let stand for 15 min.

That doesn't sound stupid to me.


Roger Ascham one day paying a visit to the amiable but unfortunate Lady Jane Grey found her employed in reading Plato while the rest of the family were engaged in a hunting party in the park.

We must destroy it.

The boy resembles his father.

Let me prove it.

Jeffie said you could use my help.


The post office is down the street.

What will happen to the Japanese economy?

Sassan is a real man.

I want Kristen to win the election.

The last time I saw Irving was in Boston.

It's two o'clock in the morning.

Kathleen thinks of James as his best friend.

This is a funny sentence.

I don't think we need to do that today.

I have to admit that I'm impressed.

I had to wait for a long time for Uri's answer, but it was worth it.

I fight in the cause of justice.

I'll wait for Revised.

Vilhelm has been working on the problem.

Hey! What are you doing in my room?

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She sent her son for a doctor.

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Jorge groggily answered the phone.

Get off my cat, fairy.

He followed the lead of our teacher.

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Here in Boston, things are different

Whose money is this?

You're really drunk.

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There are many birds in this forest.

Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

Sassan was very upset.

I know my music isn't for everyone.

This is a complete and total disaster.

We already talked to police.

We marched in the rain.

He's a contemporary of mine.

It doesn't require you to be a polyglot.

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I haven't played the ukulele in years.

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When people are too well off they always begin to long for something new.

You always called me from her house.

Eduardo shouted.

On Monday, I'm going to visit my sister in Boston.

I began to be tired.

Pierre was not satisfied with the service at the hotel where he was staying.

I hope to see you sometime.

Elwood didn't know exactly what he was going to say.

I don't really like her.

Santa Claus was an Anatolian saint.

I caught him by the arm.

Merril expected more of a fight.

In 1971 the United Kingdom changed its currency to the decimal system.


Shatter wants to eat lunch now.

Be quiet while I'm speaking.

I know June would've liked that.

They help us.

Which of you will try it first?

I was one of the skeptics.

Look at the car made in Japan.

Dan relayed messages between Matt and Linda.

I took a fancy to the singer.


I pushed the door, but it remained closed.

Say, Conductor! What's the next town?

Where is my car?

No one speaks his true mind.

They live near the beach.

It's best to discuss relationship issues directly with your partner.

Jim raised his hand.

Why are you going in costume this year?

Milo is giving us a ride home, isn't he?

You left your keys in the door.

Nara is an old city worth visiting at least once in your life.

Why don't you try expressing your opinion a little more gently? Think about how he feels getting told flatly that he's being cut loose.

She has been a photographer all weekend.

A book descriptive of the wonders of nature.

Who do you think killed him?

I really like riding my bike to school.

We agreed to help them.

"Which apple would you like?" "I'd like that one."

Don't be surprised if one night you wake up screaming.

It is safe to skate on this lake.

The teacher didn't permit me to leave early.


That's a good move.

The story had a happy ending.

Alain walked over to the desk.

Do you think she still cares about me?

I like going to the movies.

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I have to go there myself.

She is partial to sweets.

I've got a wedding to plan.

Barbara didn't hear what Rajesh said.

Man learned to adjust to, and in some ways to shape, his environment.

Can we catch the train?

When do you have to go to bed?

Who sent them?

Don't ignore the most important question.

She is not only beautiful, but also gentle and, furthermore, intelligent.

Are you sure you don't remember what happened?

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That'll never happen again.


I've told you everything I remember.

That is the girl whose father is a doctor.

I love you better than he.

Who's in charge?

Is it similar to what he did yesterday?


Given time, we should be able to solve this problem.


Rik should've done that.

Although she studied hard, she did not succeed in the examination.

He is least likely to come.

He is as rich as any man in this town.

We will not bend to the will of a tyrant.

I hoped to have finished it by this week.

The general opinion is against the war.

The amoeba is a single-celled organism.

We have the best team ever.

You're a hard man to please.

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