What's Kay supposed to say?

Someone is not respected by anyone.

The baby will be able to walk soon.

Those men are strange.

Don't regard me as your father anymore.

I like learning old languages.

Audrey is from accounting.

I said hello to her and she smiled.

The park is governed by the city.

I'm the one who should be apologizing.

The boy was about to jump into the lake.

Their generosity is much appreciated.

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I'm so sick of this.

He makes a bad impression.

We've discussed this before.

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Sofoklis called Shuvra up from the airport.

I knew that Ami knew Prakash.

Tatoeba is a language dictionary.

I came here to warn you about Vladimir.

Wondering if my daughter had arrived safely I tried to call her but couldn't get through.


Cecilia had a heart attack and died in his sleep.


The wall was riddled with bullet holes.

Sho is a really bad singer.

I guess Lou is running late.

We took a rest for a while.

I suggest you tell us everything you know about Steven.

That sounds good!

The largest man-made structure in the world is The Great Wall of China. The 2nd largest is the Staten Island garbage landfill in New York.

I wonder what he's doing...

Did you see the knife?

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You must avail yourself of every opportunity.

You're just being nice.

This was the worst day ever.

I wish I spoke more French.

Maybe I should have spoken with Piotr.

Do you see what you did to me?

That one's OK.


There was a plate of uneaten food on the table.

Perhaps Suyog was feeling ashamed.

You should come and live with me.

I'm sure it's nothing that can't wait.

Vassos is playing in his room.

I'm watching you.

We have quoted special prices.

I don't think there is any way I can do that.

This fashion has had its day.

Let me buy you gentlemen a drink.

Be very careful with this.

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You're becoming sweet.

If you take a child outside and point at the moon, the child will look at the moon. If you do the same with a dog, it will look at your finger.

We have to finish preparations for the party by tomorrow.

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We guarantee the cheapest price for a French language school in Quebec, Canada.


I have forgiven her already.

Judy was replaced by Carsten.

Do you know what's really going on between Elaine and Tal?


He works frantically to achieve his goal.


Why are there so many motorcycles in this city? Well, it's because they're cheaper than cars and there are more poor people than rich ones.

The results should be measurable and the process repeatable.

I am not entitled to comment on this.

Yesterday I hit on a good idea.

How far is it from Boston to Chicago?


I mistook him for Mr. Brown.

I knew you'd show up eventually.

Where did you get that tan?


Don't call her.

Kerry says he has hurt his back.

Why doesn't she visit me anymore?


Cindie lies to me all the time.


Is it always so crowded here?

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He has a low libido.


I don't know how Merton did it, but he did it.

I told you I don't know if Thierry will tell the truth.

We're still waiting for Rodger's decision.

He is confident that he will pass the examination.

It hurts to move.

It was delicious.

For right worthily hath Phoibos, and worthily hast thou, bestowed this care for him that is dead.


I'll show you around the town.


Tyler's hardly said a word all day.


Enjoy yourself at the party, John.

Put this medicine where children can't get it.

Do you know the name of this game?

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In the practice of the Great Way, all under Heaven was public.

Would you like to talk?

I'd like to talk about it now.

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Barbara is capable of taking charge, isn't he?

Sridharan carried Rodney across the threshold.

I told Sanjay myself.

Sleep well!

Why do people tell lies?


No man is a prophet in his house or in his country, if history is to be believed.


Liyuan isn't in the mood anymore.

This is always a very busy intersection.

Pontus broke off his engagement to Paul.


If you can kill your enemy, do it, if not, make him your friend.


My body is old but my spirit is young.


They are both awful.

I washed the windows.

In all the excitement, I forgot to eat.


This movie is fun.

There's one question I would like to ask you.

I wish we were doing the same thing as Naresh is doing.

Sometimes he acts as if he were my boss.

Who says that raisin bread has to contain raisins? After all, dog biscuits don't contain any dogs, do they!

Did you try the cake that Todd baked?

He often attributes his failures to bad luck.

In America 'rebate' is widely recognized, generally as an incentive where makers give back directly to consumers.

Did you buy a new phone?

Juergen thinks everything is his business.

I thought we could visit the museum together.

After I asked him a question, what he meant was clarified.

Don't tell lies. Tell the truth.

Kim wanted me to tell you to buy a couple of loaves of bread on your way home.

Is Ravindranath planning to come with us?

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If he is tired, let him go to sleep.

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I have to go get him.

This metal burnishes well.

We were just about to enter the room.

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Doing exercises to strengthen one's peripheral vision is recommended for those interested in learning how to speed read.


Kikki can explain the situation.


Down the coast from the shingle beach was a secluded cove.

If Louiqa goes to Boston, so will I.

The people wanted a chance to become rich.

As suggested, I'll call them.

We value your suggestions.

I'm tired of disinformation on Tatoeba.

I don't know what's going on here.

I feel like he is just using me.

Louiqa thinks that he's different from other people.


Music preferences vary from person to person.

We have erected thirty benches on the walking trails around our village.

I'll put in a good word for you.

Tigger reacted negatively.

How do you like to relax and chill out at the end of a long working day?

I thought it was pretty scary.

He climbed Mt. Fuji.

I don't need a wheelchair.

Did Pierette say thanks?

I want to ask Stan to meet us at the bank today.

It's no use asking him for help.

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The police made the witness explain in detail how the accident had happened.


I work out to stay in shape.

Mummy is buying me a toy.

He took a coin out of his pocket.

Life under Sangho's roof was unbearable.

It's time to wind up.

Don't listen to him, he's talking nonsense.

It's too soon.

I'm interested in helping Mac.

He still has a white vest.


Birds are chirping.

Bobbie did an incredible job.

I just got engaged.

Too late, when we got there Jack had already gone.

He did not stop his car at the red light.


Coca-Cola invented Fanta, in the middle of the Second World War, for the German market.

She had less free time than I.

Did you really do this all by yourself?

Do something about that noise.

Are you alright with this?

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Sugih looked after my dog while I was in the hospital.