Did you really tell me that?

They were only interested in selling books.

Would you like to try?

I put one in the drawer.

We're on our way to school.

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Whatever you're selling, I'm not interested.

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Financial experts don't know what to make of this trend.


Don't you want to see Tobias?

You are saying you intentionally hide your good looks?

I'm leaving soon.

It is painful for me to see the name of the traitor among other names in the same sentence.

The skirt is green.

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The world is full of smartasses.

You're partially correct.

The crowd was amazing.

We're avoiding Emmett.

Jorge is a temp.


The fire caused a panic in the theater.


She does this all the time.


A curfew was imposed on the city.

Can their families say this for them? Some people think this is a good idea.

I love you better than he.


Never were finer women or more accomplished men seen in any Court, and Nature seemed to have taken pleasure in lavishing her greatest graces on the greatest persons.

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Clarence is the perfect girl for you.

Kurt doesn't owe us anything.

He is here.

Tommy appreciates good wine.

Do you drink beer or wine?

If she should come to Japan, Jane would be very happy.

When I snap my fingers, you'll wake up.

I'm just going to wait over there.

I can't understand his feeling.


The Earth is smaller than the Sun.

He was a man of great ambition.

Harold wants to know how long you plan to be in Boston.

I'm dissatisfied.

I don't want to fight with Merat.


Lorenzo, I think that girl is waiting for you.

Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins.

This place has everything.

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Don't you want to visit him?

The people going to Ueno Park are lonely.

I have served you all these years and you never gave me so much as a hard crust, but the dear children gave me their own loaf of bread.

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This room is too hot for us to work in.

I would not meddle in such a thing.

Pears are canned in this factory.


Is there a place I can smoke?

Saqib gave Huey a high five.

We have a lot of homework.

I went there.

The skilled craftsman restored the shattered vase piece by piece.


Oscar had another glass of wine.

God is our strength.

We slept by turns.

All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center conducts weekly measurements of Russians trust politicians

Swallow your pride!

The temperature of an object in space, such as the Space Station, an astronaut working out in space, or even larger objects like the Moon or Earth, changes when the Sun shines on them.

Lewis would not approve.


There were a lot of empty seats the day I went.

The Sentinelese people live on an island in the Indian Ocean.

Herb has started dating a new girl, but he hasn't told Wilson about it.


He threatened to kill me.

He acted like an unhinged moron.

He ran through my manuscript.

Giggling with embarrassment, she held out the condom.

Which hat do you want to buy?


I sure hope that Tolerant gets here on time.


How long have you been using this toothbrush?


Will I get what I want?


Tim won't come until Monday.

You'll be able to speak English better if you practice hard.

I have the feeling that my French isn't getting much better.

The living room adjoins the dining room.

That's probably about to change.

Everyday life can get a bit monotonous at times.

She didn't win the prize, but she competed until the last moment and surprised everyone.


Bring Lori in here.

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Does Marika eat at Japanese restaurants?

He defends suicide on the grounds that one's self-dignity is more important.

I'm doing this so it won't happen again.

It's because you're a guy.

Patty finished writing to her friends in Canada.

Think more and make decisions after.

I don't even know you.

I cannot wear these pants. They are too tight.

I'm having some cheese.


How much longer do you think you'll be?

Why am I the only one they complain of? They're just making an example out of me and using me as a scapegoat.

Saqib is Mwa's lover.


Dan often went to take a walk in that wood.


There are a lot of roses in this garden.

Can you tell us anything about what happened?

I never wear suits.


I just don't know how I can help you.

Thank you for your kindness in seeing me.

Tiefenthal admitted that he didn't know what to do.

How many aircrafts can an aircraft carrier hold?

We went to Boston together.


She took offense at her daughter's behavior.

I like cities.

I've got the documents you asked for.

Divers who surface too quickly run the risk of contracting the bends.

That shouldn't take more than thirty minutes.

We're quite certain of that.

A pair of canaries are her only friends.


Would you have a pair in size 42?


Rod listened to the news.

I liked your story.

The state shouldn't get rid of civil rights, it should protect them!

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Here, at the Arch of Triumph, is the final stage of the cycling race.

I'll try to persuade Pratap to help.

Are you looking for anyone in particular?

Please don't laugh! Try it yourself!

Did you catch any fish in the river?


You can't help but like them.

I don't like being lied to.

I had no idea you knew how to play mahjong.

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I want to know why Pascal couldn't come.

Mariou smokes three packs a day.

I grow tomatoes in plastic houses.

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Just 3 days left before my trip.

The concert's over.

We picked the number at random.


Dan successfully eluded police.


Lojban is designed to be unambiguous in orthography, phonology, morphology, and grammar. Lojban semantics, however, must support the same breadth of human thought as natural languages.

Act like you never did it before.

I said such horrible things about Merril. I feel awful.

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Lately the discount airline ticket system has gotten so complicated that there's a lot about it I can't figure out.

They have banned the use of plastic bags to carry groceries.

Please bring my phone with you.

She hates parties.

I haven't decided yet whether I will attend the party.

Clifford got paid more than he expected.

That girl is arrogant because of her beauty.

This magazine is issued every month.

It's time for us to leave this place.

Is aggression natural, or is it learned?

I think that my phone is probably smarter than me.


Ken likes music very much.

Because of Noemi, this dream will not happen.

Class doesn't begin until eight-thirty.

Lisa's preference for classical music was not shared by Mark.

I'd like to wring Amy's neck.

Dan welcomed Matt into the family.

We gave the church another coat of paint.


Fletcher and I used to share an apartment.

Tovah doesn't have any cats.

Can you decode it?

This is certainly the most delicious juice I have ever drunk in my life.

Tanya was so busy.

So far, he has been extremely happy.

Funny... Someone just added the sentence that I mentioned to you this afternoon.


These are tears of joy.


I thought we were going to go somewhere.

One swallow does not make a summer.

Some high-pitched sounds are inaudible to adults, but can be heard by children and teenagers.

The neighbors are noisy.

This street is closed for transports of dangerous goods.