We'll meet in the park.


The panda is pregnant.

You can run, but you can't hide.

Does anyone here remember how to do this?


I borrowed money from Hank.

That was freaky.

You are number one!

I make it a rule to get up at six every morning.

We tried with might and main to break open the door.

He was very happy in his school days.

I have ten times more books than you do.

My father retired from his job several years ago.

Were you intoxicated?

It was hard for him to say no.

Do you think you're the only one in pain?


I have a bad feeling.

Alcohol provokes the desire, but takes away the performance.

I don't know how she should deal with this.


This coffee is a blend of Java and Brazil.


She slowly disappeared into the foggy forest.

Randell asked me if I could sew.

Screw the rules; I have money!

I am a woman.

You're better off without me.

What is he aiming at?

We reached Boston after midnight.


As you know, we were late due to the heavy rain.

Divorce can put mutual friends of the divorcing couple in a difficult position, particularly if it's an acrimonious split.

Heinrich's master didn't let him eat without his permission.

You're too modest.

It is not tea but coffee that I want.

Don't mix ammonia and bleach together.

Keep a careful record of all expenses.


Lee will never agree to that.

How did you know about the bomb?

I can't stand cowards.

She wished for a more relaxing life, but that was impossible under the circumstances.

Mark's so nice that you can't help but like her.

The movie was disappointing.

I find it hard to get up early on cold mornings.

Pantelis is a cancer survivor.

I can't imagine ever getting a divorce.


We're honest.

I will accomplish my purpose step by step.

There was once a bundle of matches, who were all extremely proud of their high descent, for their genealogical tree, that is to say, the tall fir-tree, from which each of them was a splinter, had been a tree of great antiquity, and distinguished by his height from all the other trees of the forest.

You must not be afraid of making mistakes when learning a language.

Where could I find someone to help me?

What's it worth to you?

Don't make so much noise in the room.


My father often reads the newspaper during meals.

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She is Betty.

You're vulnerable right now.

How long will it last?

Ninja told me why he wanted to study French.

A man ought to read just as inclination leads him; for what he reads as a task will do him little good.

The Chinese people are exceptionally hardworking.

Cathrin patiently listened to Hiroyuki.

I have no other choice.

The Boy Scout has been directing old ladies across streets since 2004.

Will she go to America next year?

Watch the rear. I'll watch the front.

Just last week, Saad came to visit us.

I'll help you raise money for your charity.

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She advised him to take a long holiday, so he immediately quit work and took a trip around the world.

Plato is my friend, but the truth is worth more to me.

This city is called the Japanese Denmark.

I don't think that's going to happen.

I wanted to say that I'm sorry.

I never thought about it that way.

Roger asked Hubert what she wanted for her birthday.

Kyung plays the baritone saxophone and Colin plays the alto saxophone.

In Greek mythology, Hermes, the son of Zeus, is the messenger of the gods.

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Filled with sorrow, the girl looked him in the eye.


I owe Blaine for this.

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Just as if it were my tail, wherever I go, it goes too.

Every week he goes fishing.

I am taking a dance class.

My wife spends too much money on herself.

Is Mr Nakamura at home?

Look! She looks easy.

It's only Monday.

Hi, Roger. I'm doing well.

I have to change planes in Boston.

The police think it's a suicide.

The two parents are the father and the mother.


Julian has long hair.

We have good jobs.

Turkeer is quite charismatic.


Cristina lived in a spectacularly beautiful place.


The trees are planted three meters apart.


My reply was negative.

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Your opinion seems to be out of date.

If someone victimizes LGBT people, their own LGBT status does not justify their actions.

Why doesn't he talk to me anymore?

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I heard that Tyler wanted to go swimming with us next weekend.

Summarize the contents in 60 English words.

Aren't there any qualified applicants?


On this occasion, we should drink a toast.

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Use the small one.


She has a thorough grasp of her work.

I'm going to stay with my uncle in Kyoto.

Manjeri is nibbling on a carrot stick.

The author of this book is still young.

I can speak French, but only a little bit.

There is a direct flight from Tokyo to London.

After having run for two hours he was thirsty..


It is a matter of life or death.

Angus and I planted some trees on the south side of the house.

Myrick says he's not concerned.

He doesn't have to go to school.

He blinked.

I'm coming back again.

There was no way to hide it.


Without the slightest hesitation, he sold his own car.


Don't make this personal.

He was born in the US.

I know how happy it would make Kylo.

Why didn't you just say you were busy?

This is a lion.

The road is more like an ice rink.

I didn't see where the ball went after it hit the tree.

We have talked about them.

List and Anton walked out of the room, leaving John alone.

Oysters are in season now.

The rain stopped.

Don't you remember the Ten Commandments?

His job is driving a sight-seeing bus.


Lorraine was killed by a poison dart fired from a blowgun.

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You will not persuade him with these words.


I want to join your team.

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She has a bad habit of talking a long time on the phone.

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That's wasteful.

Help me if you can.

I see the moon and the stars.

I don't have any money on me today.

This watch keeps bad time.

How long have you been stealing from me?

Ahmed gave a wide yawn.

The "population pressure" evens them out.

We heard the door open.

I'm tired of everything.

Knute ate a grilled chicken salad.

You must have known what she meant.

He does it faster than me.


When I was a kid, I loved the film Jurassic Park.


Because of the rain, the boys couldn't play baseball on the playground.

Jeanette is very conservative.

You need the light gun to play Duck Hunt.


Mama, is it okay if I go swimming?

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Edith has no chance of recovering.

It is Wednesday.

I don't have two cats.

Don't you smell something burning in the next room?

This happened to me too!

How long has Rebecca been waiting?

Let's put off the decision until tomorrow.

We need to be realistic.

Has Mann really come back?

I had met him many times before then.

Can I open the window?

They are.

Don't waste your pocket money.

Kari was badly injured.

Trying drank the Kool-Aid.